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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Loss Prevention Services

As an employee or business owner, you likely pride yourself on the products you sell. The customers purchasing them clearly see them as valuable and worth the expense. Businesses thrive on the purchases of their loyal customers. If you’ve ever been affected by retail loss, you understand the profound negative impacts it can have on a business.

Loss Prevention Is Critical

While many shoppers are simply looking to browse and purchase items, there will always be potential to have individuals causing trouble in your establishment. This can result in significant financial, psychological, and other long-lasting impacts to your establishment.

Many people think of stealing when they hear the term “retail loss”. While theft is a type of retail loss, there are other areas including vandalism, trespassing, and fraud. All of these things can have profound impacts on your business.

Highly Trained Guards Respond Best to Incidents

At Security Guard Group, our staff are trained thoroughly in areas specific to the focus of their role. Our Loss Prevention team is made up only of Loss Prevention Investigators who have proven their skill and ability in this area. Our employees in the Loss Prevention space are highly trained to develop a “sixth sense” in Alert Signals, allowing them to better serve you. Our staff also receive ample customer service training.

Our team is available to provide a security risk assessment or assist in managing your internal or external shrink. Further to this, our management team has over a decade of vast experience in Loss Prevention. Our leaders were previously employed by a top Loss Prevention service provider in the province.

Undercover Security is More Discreet

Our Investigators will work undercover in your establishment to keep it secure. This means that our team will be disguised as a customer, drawing no attention to themselves. This is important to keep customers feeling comfortable and focused on your products while still catching any incidents that are occurring.

If visitors are causing trouble, they are going to do it far away from any staff members or individuals clearly associated with the store. Undercover security guards are better able to investigate potential incidents without drawing any attention to the situation.

Employees Can Focus on Their Role

Overseeing loss prevention strategies can be a large responsibility for store staff alone. Should an instance occur, it can be stressful for staff to recognize, react, and follow up on the incident effectively. Having a strong security system in place is critical to minimize the risk of loss, vandalism, trespassing, and fraud. Not to mention, outsourcing a security team allows your staff to focus solely on serving customers.

Instead of constantly watching the store for signs of trouble, your team can be focused on serving customers while one of our highly trained Security Guards watches for any incidents. With great service and competitive pricing, Security Guard Group is eager to serve you. The power of a strong Loss Prevention strategy is indescribable. You may not think you need it until an incident occurs and you wish you had it in place earlier.

Our Client Experience is Top of the Line

At Security Guard Group, we pride ourselves on having the top client retention rate in the industry. Our client portal is available all hours of the day with real-time information for our clients to review. We’d be happy to work with you to develop a security system that best suits your store. Contact us today for more information.



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