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Partner With Security Guard Group’s Front Desk Security

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When entering an office or a condo building, it’s very likely the first face you’ll encounter is a concierge security guard.

The role of a concierge security guard is different from your average security guard as they perform many functions besides securing your property and personnel. At Security Guard Group we understand the impact our personnel have while dealing with your guests and tenants. Therefore, and unlike many of our partners in the industry, concierge guards receive up to 88 hours of training at our client sites. It may seem like it’s a lot of training, but that is exactly the kind of support our personnel receive from us especially working in a customer-service based industry. To briefly summarize the type of training they receive:

  • COVID-19 Screening

  • Building Fire and Safety Protocols

  • Access Control

  • Phone Etiquette

  • Customer Service 101, 102, 103

  • Municipal Zoning By-laws

  • Patrol Procedures

  • CCTV

Emergency Response

Our Concierge Security Team’s first and foremost task is keeping your property and those within it safe. This is done by utilizing the skills they developed during our in-house training in Patrol Procedures. When they embark on their regular security patrols, they look for what “does not fit in”, trespassing and deterring crime and this is done throughout your entire building and the underground parking lot. Sometimes, it is also necessary to conduct parking control as well which will be part of our personnel’s duties.

Windsor, London, Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo, or Chatham-Kent Front Desk Security

No matter where you’re located in Ontario, we got you covered! Our concierge security guards are also trained on operating CCTV while stationed at the front desk, handle public inquiries, screen visitors, handle your delivered mail, packages and by-law enforcement.

Your Security is Our Business

Mishaps occur all the time especially in office towers or condo buildings. All our personnel are certified in Emergency First Aid and hold WSIB approved CPR and AED certificates. Rapid Emergency Response is also part of our concierge security training program. This type of training provides our personnel with the necessary skills to calmly take control of the situation while simultaneously liaise with the appropriate emergency services.

Is Concierge Security / Front Desk Security worth the investment?

Throughout our blog posts, we’ve talked a lot about concierge security and their importance. This type of service is essential to your condo or office tower to patch any existing security and safety gaps you may currently have. It is critical to always have a balanced approach ensuring your security partner has adequate resources to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. This may sometimes mean that the lowest cost “vendor” is not always the right solution for you.

We Are Here For You

No two clients are the same. That is why your Security Services Partner should have the ability to understand and customize your unique security and safety needs. Give us a call, and we can have a no-obligation discussion on how we can be of assistance.



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