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How to Become a Licensed Security Guard in Ontario?

Online security guard training course in ontario
Become a licensed security guard in Ontario by taking our online security guard course

Working as a security guard is a job of honour and commitment. It involves courage, presence of mind, and a sense of duty towards the public. If you wish to become a licensed security guard in Ontario, you may need to go through a few training programs. Moreover, you will have to pass the licensing test before you start working as a security guard.

The training program for the licensed security guard comprises of online and offline training courses approved by the ministry. After getting your license, you will be responsible for monitoring and protecting public or private property depending on where you end up. There is a massive demand for trained personnel for various security services at warehouses, retail stores, and other companies.

The job is fit for someone who is physically and mentally strong. So keep on reading to find out how you can fulfil your dream of becoming a licensed security guard.

Check your eligibility

As the job involves immense pressure and responsibility, not everyone may be eligible for the job. Moreover, one needs to be reliable, punctual and determined to work under pressure every day. A professional security guard needs to be quick in decision-making and assessing a situation.

Therefore, a person should possess these qualities before considering oneself to be eligible for the job. Apart from these skills, a person should be good at communicating and diffusing situations. Talking about the legal requirements, you should be eighteen or above in age with the ability to legally work in Canada.

Besides, your criminal record must be clean to work as a security guard. After completing your training, clearing the exam, and acquiring a license, you will be eligible to work. If you fulfil all the criteria, consider other things such as career goals and job challenges before starting your professional training.

The job involves various situations, such as dealing with vandals, trespassers, shoplifters, and other security threats. Furthermore, you will work different shifts depending upon your role in the security team. Therefore be mentally prepared to work in challenging situations.

Enroll in a Security Guard Training Course

You will have to enroll in a ministry-approved security guard training program. Enroll in a reliable program that offers online or offline training depending on what you prefer. Look for a reliable, affordable, and informational training program to make the best use of your time. You will be required to complete 40 hours of the course. Check out the Online Security Guard Course we offer, it is the most affordable course in the entire province.

The training program will cover various things such as code of conduct, response preparation, Canadian legal system, Investigative Services Act, report writing, and Sensitivity training. Apart from this, you will need to have first aid and CPR certification.

Complete your first aid & CPR training

Before you enroll in a security training program, it is essential to pass the first aid and CPR certifications. They are prerequisites in order for you to take the licensing tests. You may enroll in an integrated training program for the two or work on them individually. The course will comprise 6.5 hours of the total training. These courses will prepare you for the role of a security guard. We recommend taking your Emergency First Aid training through Firstaid4u.ca We have no official relationship with firstaid4u.ca however, they have facilities across Ontario which is convenient.

Guards are exposed to various situations where they may be the first responders. In these situations, they may help in saving a life with the knowledge of first aid and CPR. You will be using these skills on-site in case there is an injury, act of violence, or accident. Besides, you may have to update the first aid training certifications throughout the job.

Take the Security Guard Licensing test

To take the security guard licensing test, you must finish your forty hours course that is approved by the government of Ontario. As you know, the job requires professional training; therefore, enroll in a good program with study modules to prepare for the test. Contact us at Security Guard Group to cover your 33.5 hours of training with an experienced instructor.

The course contains study material that you will cover in a span of 31 days or 33.5 hours whichever comes first. After finishing the course, provide us with information such as birth, gender, and home address, which is essential for the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

You will have to study the course material with the dedication to pass the test. Your test results will be out within two days. A person is allowed to take the test multiple times; however, try to pass it in the first attempt to save time and money.

Prepare to Apply for your Security Guard License

Finally, after receiving all the certifications and passing the security guard licensing test, you are eligible to apply for the official license. This license is crucial to work as a security guard in Ontario. It requires a photo and relevant documents to complete the license application. You can send this application online or by mail.

Your application may take up to 10 days for processing and eight weeks to receive the license. Besides, you may need to renew your license in future with the same process. Therefore, it is advisable to save your documents for future use.

Look for a job

Now that you have your security guard license and all the necessary certifications, interview for the job. Contact our team to learn more about the licensed security guard training program to be eligible for these jobs. Find relevant positions such as loss prevention investigator, bouncer, security guard, and general security guard to start working. These challenging roles will help in growing your career and give you a sense of personal satisfaction.


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