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Unsung Heroes Series

Our employees are the most important assets of our organization. They are the ones who carry us forward. To appreciate their efforts, we run a series of interviews that give insights related to their experience within the organization.


Jashanjit Singh: Employee of the Month

Jashanjit was nominated in July to win the Unsung Hero Award by his supervisor. Throughout his employment with the company he has shown dedication, flexibility, and outstanding communication skills with the clients and his coworkers.

We appreciate his efforts. We are so proud of having employees such as Jashanjit Singh working with us.

To learn more about his experience within the company, please proceed reading the interview we have conducted with him.


How long have you been with us?

I have been with this precious organization for little more than a year now.

What do you do at Security Guard Group?

My job role is to complete the assigned tasks and complete my job duties maintaining the safe environment for everyone either be it the covering of a special event for crowd control or to make sure equipments’ safety from theft, vandalism, and/or unauthorized use at regular job sites.

What excites you about your role at Security Guard Group?

The most exciting part of the job is that we get a-lot of exposure in the field, acting as company’s face starting a new site communicating with clients for the first time , covering special events like music festivals as it also helps us improve our social skills.

What is your best memory at Security Guard Group?

My best memory of working at SGG is how helpful our team is, there was a time when i had to call sick for a week because of back pain, and our director of operations and our supervisor both were very supportive and they even helped me after those sick day off by letting me choose my schedule according to my comfort.

Tell us your best day at Security Guard Group?

Covering a special event is always on the list of best days I have at SGG.