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Security Guard Group provides custom designed security solutions to property management companies in every environment from AAA high rise complexes to office parks. Our selection process and state-of-the-art inhouse training exceeds industry standards. Our concierge style security personnel are specifically trained in customer service and conflict resolution to de-escalate situations without attracting a lot of attention. 

We understand commercial environments are vastly different and in an office environment the security guard must be friendly with a superior security knowledge. At Security Guard Group we go the extra mile to ensure our personnel exceed our clients' needs. 

corporate security guard conducting access control for security guard group client


At Security Guard Group our selection process starts with candidate screening and only those with hospitality background and vast interest in security are considered. During the interview we assess personalities, knowledge and customer service skills to ensure we find the best fit. Thereafter, we provide up to 44 hours of on-site training, and require the completion of our in-house designed concierge E-course. Continuous education is our philosophy, and our guards are required to recertify annually at minimum. Our personnel are licensed, bonded and ensured to twice the ministry requirement. Contact us below for inquiries.

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