Our Alarm Response Team has access to the latest mobile technology available on the market to assist them in route optimization and efficiency. Our 24/7 Dispatch Center has EDI capability which can link directly to your alarm company. A uniformed guard will attend your residence or business to  investigate the alarm and respond accordingly. As a client, you will receive a detailed report of all findings electronically after your property has been secured and the investigation has been concluded. Everything is recorded electronically including GPS coordinates, Check in times, and completion times. 

Security Guard Group vehicle patrolling city at nigh


Our mobile response team receives industry leading training that exceeds provincial licensing requirements. Each team member is required to shadow a senior team member for a minimum of 14 days to learn about our clients' properties and understand their security challenges. Every site check is recorded electronically and our team member will look for safety hazards, unauthorized persons, suspicious activity, property damage or unlocked gates and windows. 

Of course our duties often extend beyond these basic elements therefore we have included FAQ section below. 

Frequently asked questions

What services does your mobile patrol division offer?

The most common service requests are:

  1. Alarm Response
  2. Lock/Unlock and key management services
  3. Unscheduled/scheduled patrols
  4. Employee safety walks
  5. Fire scene security
  6. Supplementary static guard service
  7. Key management services
  8. Vagrant removal services
Our team can also accommodate special requests.

Can I track your guards' activity?

Yes! We provide our clients with a "Client Portal" which will grant you access to 24/7 to information related to your property.

What is your response time?

While no security services company can guarantee a response time, statistically our response time has not been greater than 34 minutes in Southwestern, ON. Our Dispatch Center locates the nearest Patrol Vehicle via GPS and dispatches them accordingly.

My property is off road/no paved street can you still respond?

Yes! Our fleet is a mix of vehicles that contain 4x4 Crossovers for difficult terrains and suboptimal weather.

Is mobile security cost effective?

Yes! Many businesses do not need static guard services due to low incident frequencies or budgetary constraint. Utilizing a well-planned mobile patrol and alarm response services is a cost effective way in achieving your security goals as marked vehicles provide visual deterrence.

What are your operating hours?

We are open 24/7/365(6). Contact us anytime.

How do you report your activities to me?

We utilize a smartphone application specifically customized for our organization. This application will provide you with GPS tags, Photographs, detailed notes from our Mobile Patrol guards.