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Your Security is our Business

Meeting your project's deadline safely is our utmost priority just as it is yours. Therefore, our guards will ensure your work remains uninterrupted by protecting your project against theft, fire and vandalism; of course, our work scope goes beyond these three elements. Call us today to see how we can assist you in meeting your deadline(s). 

All of our Corporate and Office Security Guards are heavily trained in customer service principles and are certified in Professional Communications. We have implemented an industry standard course in-house and continuously encourage professional development. Call us today to see how we can assist you in becoming the first point of contact when clients and employees visit your offices.

Led by Healthcare Security Professionals, our team provides one of the most advanced safety and security solutions for the healthcare industry in Southwestern Ontario. Our priority is protecting assets, visitors, patients and caregivers through a patient-centric lens. We offer the following: 

  • Security guard services

  • Parking management

  • Patient watch

  • COVID-19 Screening

Whether you are hosting a special event, working on a special construction project, or require on-going security services for your facilities, we are here for you. We understand the challenges that come with running not-for-profit organizations. Therefore, we offer steep discounts on our hourly rates for such organizations or projects.  

At Security Guard Group we understand that security is an important aspect of your commercial business. Whether you need security for the logistics aspect or inventory and asset protection, our security services will assist you in health, safety and security goals. We have merged technology and security to give you real-time access to our security guards' data around the clock. 

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When you want your event to be successful, every detail matters. Security Guard Group can help you have a safe and enjoyable event. Our personnel are trained in customer service and to quickly respond to emergency situations. We actively participate in policy and procedure shaping in the Private Security Industry. Contact us today to receive a free quot. 

Clients that manage or ship in the logistics supply chain sectors are required to track and trace their shipments while keeping it secure and efficiently accessible. Security Guard Group offers an integrated logging software that is part of our security services to ensure your vehicles are accounted for and remain secure. Our guards are trained on the use of this software. 

Whether you manage a public or private property, Security Guard Group focuses on quality of documentation and professional record keeping ensuring all disputes are resolved professionally. Our Parking Management Services are available across Ontario with our largest teams in Southwestern Ontario.

With years of experience partnering with some of Canada's largest property and facility management companies, Security Guard Group is your number one choice for shopping mall security. We fully understand the demands posed by busy public settings, that's why our best in class industry training starts at 120 hours of in-person training. 

Whether you manage a chemicals plant, a factory or a manufacturing site, Security Guard Group is the right choice for you. Our management team has vast experience servicing chemical and manufacturing plants and we have worked with Ontario's largest vehicle parts factories. Contact us today to inquire about our impeccable safety record. 

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