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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how Security Guard Group Limited collects, uses, and discloses your information when you use our website. 

Our Commitment to you

  •  Our website analytics only use non-identifiable data.

  • The only personal information we collect from your visit is what you voluntarily provide to us for the purpose of your visit.

  • Security Guard Group Limited does not share data about your visit with third parties except as required by law, to report malicious attacks, or to facilitate secure third-party services that support the functionality of our website. Some third parties’ services integrated with our website may use information about you such as your location, browser name, and IP addresses for improved user experience, tracking or statistical purposes. These services may include the following:, Contact Forms such as Wix Ascend Forms, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, LinkedIn. Only non-identifiable data is shared with third parties.

Personal Information We Collect

The only personal information we collect from your visit is what you voluntarily provide to us for specific purposes, such as to ask questions, provide feedback, or apply for a position with Security Guard Group Limited. We only collect personal information that is necessary for the administration of a lawfully authorized purpose, in accordance with section 38(2) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). 

Collected Data

Security Guard Group's web servers automatically record non-identifiable details about website visits and interactions. Web server log files are generated when visitors view our website. The log files contain the following data about your visit:

  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address. 

  • Your device type, brand, and model. 

  • Your Operating System. 

  • Your browser type, plugins, and version. 

  • Pages you viewed on our website and time spent on each page. 

  • URL of the page that directed you to our website, and in some instances, the search term(s) you used to find us. 

  • Language of your browser. 

  • Country (determined by IP address). 

Your Data Usage

  • Fix errors on our website;

  • Defend against malicious attacks;

  • Generate website usage statistics; and

  • Improve service delivery in general. 


Cookies used by Security Guard Group Limited do not contain personally identifying information and do not give us access to anything on your device. We only use "session cookies" that expire with each visit. Our session cookies contain a randomized number intended to help your browser interact better with dynamic content on our site, and is not for tracking purposes. Data generated from Security Guard Group cookies are not used to identify visitors and are never shared with third parties. 

Third Party Cookies

When visiting our site, your browser may receive longer-term "permanent cookies" from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other third parties. This may happen because some of our webpages host video content stored on YouTube, share links to social media and because our site offers the Google Custom Search function. Consequently, Google may track your online activities across other websites. 

You do not have to accept any cookies to access or search our website. However, there may be minimal loss of functionality if you have disabled or deleted all cookies. Please consult with your browser settings (and browser plugins) which allow you to configure whether and how you receive cookies. 

Third Parties

Security Guard Group collects and analyzes website data strictly for internal purposes. We do not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise disclose any information that we collect about our website visitors to third parties, except in the case of malicious attack or as required by law. 

Email Communication

Any personal information that you give us will only be used to respond to your message and/or provide you with the requested service or product. If you do not wish to receive e-mail communications from Security Guard Group regarding new products or services, please e-mail us at

External Links

This website may contain links to external websites. We are not responsible for the content and the privacy practices of sites other than our own. We encourage you to examine each site's Privacy Policy and disclaimers and to make your own decisions regarding the accuracy, reliability and completeness of material and information found here. 

Accuracy of Information

Although we attempt to ensure that all information posted on our site is accurate and complete, we do not represent that it is so, or guarantee it, and accept no liability or obligation for accuracy or completeness. 

Contact Us

Security Guard Group staff is available to assist you in person during regular business hours. 

Security Guard Group Limited

341 Talbot Street, Unit V304

London, Ontario

N6A 2R5


Phone: (226) 667.5048

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