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Security Services

Your Security is Our Business

We conduct our business seriously. We understand meeting your security and safety goals is imperative to operate in a safe and inclusive environment.

To describe it shortly, we will understand your needs; we will design, develop and deliver high quality solutions; and we will transfer our knowledge and expertise.

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We are not your Vendors
are your Partners.

Ontario Security Services Company

Ontario is a vibrant province where ensuring the safety and security of businesses, employees, and customers is essential. Security Guard Group Limited boasts a robust presence across Ontario, offering services in various large and medium-sized cities throughout the region. We specialize in security guard services, construction security, condominium security, mobile patrols, and alarm response services.

As part of our commitment to your security, we offer a complimentary Risk Assessment with every new contract.

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Secure Today, Safe Tomorrow:
Personalized Security Solutions

Security Guard Group Limited is prepared to meet the specific security needs of your business with reliable, well-trained guards. Whether your property requires immediate or ongoing security services, we will collaborate with you to develop a tailored schedule that ensures your safety and peace of mind.

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