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Security Guard Services in London, Ontario

London is home to many small, medium and large businesses and it is one of the fastest growing cities in South-Western Ontario.


Security Guard Group's services are important in maintaining the safety and security of your business, your employees and your customers.             Our security guards are reliable, dedicated and professional.


Security Guard Group is experienced in delivering consistent top-notch service across Ontario with multiple locations in the province's large and medium size cities. Our highly trained and professional security services team ensures no detail goes unnoticed.


As a part of our service we provide a complimentary Risk Assessment when you hire us. 

"Your Security is Our Business" is not just another slogan.

We conduct our business seriously and understand meeting your security and safety goals is imperative to operate in a safe and inclusive environment.

To describe it shortly, we will understand your needs; we will design, develop and deliver high quality solutions; and we will transfer knowledge and expertise.

London Ontario Security Services Company

We specialize in security guard services, construction security, condominium security, mobile patrol and alarm response services.


Security Guard Group is equipped to provide you with reliable security guards that suit the unique needs of your business. Whether your property requires urgent or on-going service, we will work with you to create a custom schedule.


We are more than just another security guard company. We are customer focused and we provide integrated and customized security services for an increasingly dynamic and technological age offering both, expertise and equipment. By offering a diverse portfolio of security services, Security Guard Group has become Ontario's most reliable and professional security services agency. 

Security guard company in london ontario


Security Guard Company

Security Guard Group is a security guard company that offers a variety of security services, including corporate security, property protection, construction site security, mobile patrol, home security and alarm response, lobby security, office and file mover.

Since our establishment, Security Guard Group has offered first-rate security services founded on using highly skilled and experienced security professionals who suit the flexible needs of the modern businesses' environment. A safe and secure work environment not only provides employees with a space to be more productive, but it also gives customers and visitors a great first impression.


While we operate Ontario wide, our security teams are always local as we do our best to secure local talent.