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Introducing Live
Remote Video Monitoring

Security Guard Group presents Live Remote Surveillance, an innovative approach to security that actively deters crime and safeguards your business at a cost much lower than traditional security guard services. This service is a blend of cutting-edge technology and human expertise, offering vigilant protection around the clock.

Main Advantages

Cost Efficiency

Enjoy significant savings, typically between 25-60% when compared to employing security guards.

Evidence Documentation

Continuous recording provides invaluable video evidence to document any incidents.

Consistent Monitoring

Our vigilance is unwavering; we monitor your premises continuously without breaks.

Staff Safety

Our remote monitoring methods minimize risks and cannot be intimidated, ensuring higher safety levels for your staff.

Comprehensive Coverage

Achieve multiple viewpoints simultaneously, ensuring no blind spots in your surveillance.

Expedited Police Response

With verified criminal activities, we enable quicker police response times.

security guard showing the steps on how our live remote video monitoring service works

How it functions

Step 1 / Setup

State-of-the-art cameras and monitoring equipment are strategically installed at your site by our professional team.

Step 2 / Activation

Our central monitoring station begins surveillance, equipped with advanced software and operated by highly trained professionals specializing in real-time alerting and response.

Step 3 / Alerting and Response

Questionable or suspicious activities instantly trigger alerts, followed by immediate action based on predefined protocols.

Step 4 / Reporting

Detailed incident reports, including video footage, are provided to offer insights into every alert generated.

Remote Video Monitoring Features


  • Which locations do you serve?
    We extend our Live Remote Surveillance services to Ontario, Canada, and Michigan, USA.

  • What's the activation timeframe?
    The service generally goes live within 7 to 10 business days following an initial comprehensive assessment.

  • What technical prerequisites are there?
    Stable internet connectivity and a power source are essential for uninterrupted monitoring. During the initial site assessment, our team will evaluate any other specific requirements.

  • Do I need internet connection?

  • Yes, but if you are in a remote location, we can provide internet to you.

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