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The sad reality is even non-profit organizations who help others can become a target for crime as no one is exempt from violence, theft, or vandalism. We understand the unique challenges that not-for-profit organizations face from budgeting issues to the work environment that is different from our regular client sites.

At Security Guard Group, we have a deep understanding of how non-profit organizations function. Our Director of Administration previously held an Executive Director title at Centre Communautaire Regional de London where she coordinated the entire organization giving her a unique understanding about this sector.

not for profit security services across ontario that are steeply discounted


With the challenges your Not-For-Profit organization faces, we want you to know that we are here for you. We provide steep discounts on our hourly rates for non-profit organizations and projects. Our security services will be unique to your needs and the training we provide exceeds industry standards. 

Security Guard Group is a regional security company that specializes in complete security solutions with an impeccable safety record. Contact us below for inquiries.

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