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2021 Resolutions to Maintain Your Business Security

For a lot of business ventures, 2020 has been a turning point. The changes in basic functioning, security protocols, and pandemic safety rules have been an add-on throughout the year. As business security ensures profits and the company's continuity, it is essential to optimize it in all possible ways.

Apart from Covid-19 safety protocols, you may need to work on other safety aspects to avoid preventable losses. With some new plans and advanced tools to manage your business security, you may ace the New Year. Keeping this in mind, let's talk about 2021 resolutions to maintain your business security.

Revamp Your Business Security with These Resolutions

Your business security includes preventing any data loss, thefts, vandalism, and virus outbreak in the staff. Here are some key points to focus on in 2021.

Reassess Your Security Plan

You may be relying on your years-old security plans, which is not the best idea. For commercial properties, you may need to work on a documented plan and reassess your old one for loopholes. Before planning anything, it is essential to analyze all the security parameters and make updates accordingly. If you don't have a documented plan, it may become challenging to enforce any security policies. So, it is ideal to have a copy of the plan and essential maps and diagrams.

Conduct a Security Audit

2021 is the best time to start with a security audit and assessment of the current policies. These may include your employees and third-party workers who enter and leave your property. The security system may benefit significantly with the identification of security risks and adding new tools.

Also, make a list of vulnerabilities, outdated equipment, entry points, and exits to ensure you include everything. The employees should know about the additions to these security points in case you make any changes. Moreover, test the new equipment beforehand and learn about the updated protocols.

Review Your Insurance

Your commercial property insurance may be a lifesaver in situations of thefts, storms, fire, and vandalism. It may need different plans for individual situations, so review your insurance according to the business needs. Moreover, you may need additional insurance depending upon your geographical location and weather conditions. Make sure that your insurance covers all plausible risks that your business may encounter.

Add Adequate Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Inadequate lighting may encourage a lot of thefts under the impression of anonymity. Adding ample lighting, both indoors and outdoors, may prove to make a considerable difference in preventing thefts, trespassing, and vandalism. You may add smart lighting, solar lights, and cameras at all the corners to cover any blind spots. Investing in motion sensor lights and LED may be an excellent security investment.

Create a New Access Control System

Access controls are one way to manage unauthorized people from entering the premises. Moreover, these controls establish boundaries and minimize outside contact, which is essential during the pandemic situation. You may establish identity cards, magnetic lock doors, and Covid-19 scanning desks to ensure all the visitors are documented. Also, add alarms and advanced signage and fencing around the building.

Modernize Your Security Equipment and Mobile Surveillance

Private surveillance with cameras and video documentation is one of the best methods for your security. You may install new cameras with ample data backup, alarms, face recognition, and dark modes to deter crimes. Moreover, you may invest in license plate detection systems to add more protection. It may help in case of theft as the special lenses remove the glares from the front and rear plates.

Reinforce Data Security

The information about business transactions, essential documents, and consumer data may be at risk if your data isn't secure. You may assume your small business is not under the cyber-attack radar and ignore the statistics. However, it may be a surprise that one in four businesses are at a data breach risk regardless of the size.

To practice data security, educate your employees about malicious links, fishing emails, and the use of strong passwords. Also, ensure they know about remote access security and consider investing in antivirus, next-gen firewalls, network monitoring, and data backups. Additionally, have a plan to recover data in crisis and security breaches.

Contact Security Professionals

There's only so much you may accomplish on your own when you have a lot on your plate. You may not be able to work around all security parameters and need an extra hand of help. Contacting professionals will ensure that your business security is not compromised in any area. The professional team of Security Guard Group will provide business security in various areas at affordable prices.

At Security Guard Group, we have years of experience and are equipped with new technological tools to assess current situations and provide cost-effective measures. The company has dedicated loss prevention investigators to manage thefts, vandals, and frauds. Moreover, they will help in securing sensitive information, managing crowds and possible threats. Contact us for new security solutions and start the New Year right.



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