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Concierge Style Security: Security Guard Group At Your Doorstep

If you own a commercial or residential property, it is time for you to consider concierge style security. Recently, our company has been receiving an increased volume of inquiries regarding concierge style security especially with the pandemic still raging in most of Ontario’s large cities. As the first point of contact, the concierge’s duties have expanded slightly to include ensuring social distancing and masks rules are respected. Concierge services are largely associated with hotels which makes our security guards more of a… “bang for your buck” kind of deal; this is largely because they are not only performing concierge duties, but they are also trained security guards. It doesn’t end there, the professional appearance of our security personnel will give you a sense of luxury, a taste of a hotel experience and the cherry on top is security.

Not Just a Welcoming Presence

Our guards keep your building in order and your guests or residents safe. This is done by maintaining access control measures and ensuring the building’s rules and policies are being respected by everyone especially during COVID19.

In addition to their regular duties, concierge security guards are trained and certified in first aid so in case of an emergency, they have the ability to respond swiftly and act appropriately when necessary. It does not just end here; most of our concierge security personnel are required to be certified in-house before they are assigned at a client site. This certification process is vigorous in comparison to industry standards. Here are some of the other courses they are required to obtain certifications for:

  • Conflict Resolution (to respond to noise complaints) (Certification course)

  • Customer Service (Certification Course)

  • Fire Response

  • Parking Management (Certification Course)

  • Patrol Procedures (Certification Course)

  • Diversity Training (Certification Course)

  • Slips, Trips & Falls (Certification Course)

  • Substance Abuse & Mental Illness Awareness (Certification Course)

  • Condominium Security (Certification Course)

To be fully transparent, we share these certifications with all our clients.

Still Unsure? Let Us Change Your Mind

If you own or run a Residential Property (such as apartment complexes) or Commercial Property (such as office building), now is the time to hire concierge security. In London Ontario, where our Head Office is located property crimes have risen from 12,449 incidents in 2015 to 16,105 in 2018 (statistics source) this an increase of almost 1000 incidents a year; that is 1% increase every year and these are just the reported ones. Therefore, maintaining security while providing exceptional customer service should be a priority to you. If you have any questions whether this would be the right service for you, contact us today. We will be happy to visit you at your property and learn more about your needs and address any questions you may have.



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