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COVID-19 Workplace Screening Explained

One of the best ways to protect the health and safety of your workplace is by conducting basic Covid-19 screening of your employees and customers. Workplace COVID-19 Screening means the assessment of a person’s physical symptoms before entering the business. The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed Occupational Health & Safety on a global scale. Many businesses still struggle to establish a qualified person to conduct basic COVID-19 Screening prior to entering the property. Therefore, Security Guard Group has established a pool of trained security guards to conduct basic COVID-10 Screening of your customers and employees.

Security Guard Group Can Conduct Basic COVID-19 Screening Services

Our company strongly believes that hiring a third-party agency to perform workplace COVID-19 Screening is essential; this is mainly important to maintain objectivity when it comes to permitting or denying entry to person who are symptomatic. Delegating this responsibility to your internal staff will often force them to contemplate ethical dilemmas and risk jeopardizing relationships with coworkers.

Our Security Guards are trained to perform basic COVID-19 Screening by setting up checkpoints at your business’ entry points. Many national and regional warehouses, logistics and factories have taken advantage of our basic COVID-19 Screening Services. Hiring Security Guard Group shields you against lawsuits, liabilities and WSIB claims as our company has the appropriate insurance.

Basic COVID-19 Screening Process

Depending on the size of your organization and foot traffic, we use the following equipment:

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Bleach or Alcohol Swabs

  • Disposable Medical Gloves

  • Thermometers

  • Wristbands with different colors to indicate clearance

  • Laptop or Tablet with Internet Connection for data entry (clients will receive a copy)

  • Collapsible table for supplies

The screening process takes place at the entry points while a line manager ensures everyone in the lines adheres to physical distancing while waiting to be screened. The first step is to conduct a temperature check using the M31820 Ultra-Sensitive Infrared Thermometer. The temperature check will be done by holding the thermometer perpendicular to the subject’s forehead and if a temperature reading of 38° or more is detected which indicates fever, the subject will be instructed to return home and notify their supervisor.

The second step in the process is by conducting the COVID-19 screening questionnaire. While electronic responses are encouraged for the questionnaire, if this is not possible then the submission can be done on paper. The screening questions include whether a person has experienced any of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 and we keep these questionnaires updated by following Health Canada’s guidelines. If “yes” answer is received to any symptoms, the individual will be asked to return home and contact their supervisor. However, if an individual answers “no” to all the symptoms, they will be provided with a colored wrist band which indicates that they have been screened on that specific day.

Security Guard Group can assist you in protecting your employees and business. Connect with us to discuss your screening needs.



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