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Mobile Security Patrols and Why You Need Them

Updated: Apr 2

When it comes to security, many businesses settle for posting security guards in strategic locations like the entrance and call it a day. However, it always pays to go the extra mile, and commercial security is no different. One step you can take to better secure your premises is to implement mobile security patrols.

What Is Mobile Patrol Security?

Mobile security patrols are an increasingly popular and common method of securing business premises. With this method, security personnel actively patrol the premises, keeping watch for suspicious activity that might otherwise go unnoticed by more passive security systems like cameras. Thieves and vandals possess a boldness that demands our vigilant attention to security. As criminals skillfully harness technology to further their aims, it becomes ever more critical to fortify our defenses. Embracing this reality, we must prioritize preparedness, safeguarding not just our assets but the safety of our staff and the very essence of our business.

Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols

In general, mobile patrols follow a regular patrol around your property. It sounds like a simple task, but it’s one that pays dividends where it concerns your security. As it is one of the most effective steps you can take to protect yourself, it also pays to know exactly what mobile security patrols bring to the table, so you know precisely how you benefit from taking this step. Keep these benefits in mind as you consider how to develop an effective security system to look after your business.

1. All-around, Efficient Safety

The primary responsibility of mobile security patrols is to provide vigilant security across your premises. It makes a great deal of difference knowing that your security actively patrols your property, keeping watch for suspicious activity day and night. Think of it as a way to give yourself additional peace of mind, aside from the fact that your business is in good hands. It also provides peace of mind for your employees as well. As they see your security personnel at work, they’ll know they’re in good hands.

When your security team is mobile, they can they cover large areas as part of their job. This makes them an ideal solution for larger businesses, as they can move and respond to situations more quickly.

Finally, mobile security personnel also receive training in a wide range of major security tasks. This list includes property patrol, crowd management, and threat identification, to ensure they can respond appropriately in case of emergency. 

2. Visible Deterrent

Investing in mobile security patrols is one simple method of crime prevention. One advantage to relying on those mobile patrols is how visible they are. Security personnel in uniform or marked cars are easily visible, even from afar. This makes them extremely easy for people to see, potential criminals included. The duties of mobile patrol security go beyond simply patrolling your premises regularly. They also exist to send a clear message: that you have protection.

One of the best ways not to be a victim is to show that you’re prepared for any threats. Investing in mobile security patrol services is an effective way of getting would-be troublemakers to think twice before targeting your business, and goes a long way toward preventing trouble in the first place. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. 

3. Immediate Alarm Responses

As technology becomes more advanced, it’s often very tempting to leave more and more tasks to technology to take some of the weight off. However, in the case of security, it’s prudent to include a human element in your defences. CCTV systems can monitor and alarms can warn, but it still takes human personnel to respond to emergencies.

Aside from inspection and patrol services, mobile patrol security personnel are also trained to respond to alerts actively as they happen. Security companies often use advanced security systems to give clients like you a rapid response to emergencies. Their personnel are also trained to respond appropriately to these incidents and deal with them effectively.

A rapid-response security solution can make all the difference in case of an incident. In 2022, Canada saw spikes in vehicle thefts, with Ontario alone seeing a 48.3% increase. Having reliable security services look after your business is one effective means of looking after yourself. If those security providers are particularly equipped to respond quickly in case of emergency, so much the better.

4. Greater Mobility

While tools like CCTV cameras are useful tools, one limitation they have is that they are limited to a single location. No matter how well-set your cameras and sensors are, they can only cover their own areas. On the other hand, the role of mobile patrol security is to provide a mobile element to your security.

Patrol personnel, unlike stationary security, can actually go on patrol. This allows your security personnel to cover multiple locations and monitor each one for suspicious activity. If they also have vehicles, that gives security personnel additional mobility to cover even more ground and respond more quickly as needed. Mobile security personnel can cover more ground and fill any gaps your cameras can’t cover on their own.

5. Cost-Effective Security Option

At first glance, it might sound like the cost of mobile security patrols is higher than that of regular security personnel, given the utility they provide. In truth, mobile security is actually one of the more cost-effective security options available.

Security systems like alarms and locks can be rather costly. If you’re working on a budget, you may want to prioritize installing security around the most vulnerable or important locations. For the rest of your security needs, you can deploy mobile security patrols and guards for the premises. Your security personnel bring adequate training and equipment to look after your premises, and all at a reasonable price. With their help, you can have reliable, high-end security within a budget.

6. Data Evaluation

One last advantage of mobile security patrols is that they are part of a larger organization, including technicians and supervisors for your mobile patrols. Your security contractor maintains advanced software that allows them to record data, send alerts, track other guards, and use geofencing.

At the moment, your security personnel use this software to coordinate with each other and provide an organized response in case of emergency. However, this data can also be used to strengthen your defences for the future. Your security provider can use data gathered on the job and offer security consultations to help strengthen your defences. With that new data, it’s easier to identify vulnerabilities in your security, offer solutions to eliminate those weak spots and implement strategies to keep the premises safe.

Quality security isn’t just about providing safety at the moment. It’s also about mitigating future threats to provide security against the unexpected. The entire purpose of mobile patrolling is actively looking for threats and vulnerabilities so you’re always aware of how to improve day by day. 

Security is a must for any business, both to ensure your premises are safe and secure and to guarantee your own peace of mind. Quality mobile patrol services are an investment, but they’re a worthy one. Investing in mobile security patrols is a prudent way to beef up your security and prevent criminal activity. These patrols are a proactive way of providing security and going the extra mile to keep your business and staff safe. Remember, the best defence is a good offence, and mobile security patrols are your way of doing just that.

When you need reliable, efficient security guard services in Windsor to secure your business, contact Security Guard Group. We offer trained personnel and a wealth of experience in physical security to provide high-quality safety to all our clients. 

Give us a call at (226) 667-5048 for security you can count on. 



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