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Why Choose Security Guard Group Limited for Your Security Needs

Security is a top concern, and selecting a security guard company that is capable and dedicated to meeting your security demands is crucial. If you've recently done some research on security guard firms in Ontario, you might be surprised by the sheer amount of options. There are several alternatives available, however service quality varies greatly. Consider choosing Security Guard Group Limited, the fastest growing security guard company in Ontario, for your security needs. In this article, we discuss the factors contributing to our company’s success in the security industry.

About Security Guard Group Limited

Security Guard Group is a security guard company that offers a variety of security services, including corporate security, property protection, construction site security, mobile patrol, home security and alarm response, lobby security, office and file mover and commercial office building security. Since its establishment, Security Guard Group has offered first-rate security services founded on using highly skilled and experienced security professionals who suit the flexible needs of the modern businesses' environment.

Extensive Experience

Security Guard Group Limited is a regional security company that was established in 2018 with its first office location in London. We bring over 37 years of combined experience in the Private Security Industry within our management team. Our management has an extensive background in physical security, retail loss prevention and private investigations. Since our establishment, our personnel are fully bonded and insured to twice the standard set by the Ministry of the Solicitor General.

Customer Service Quality

At Security Guard Group, we praise ourselves in providing our clients with integrated and customized security services to match their security needs. Our Client Service Managers are handpicked individually with impressive security and customer service backgrounds. We have the highest client retention rate in the industry, and we will be happy to provide you with our current and past client references. We have not lost a single client. The only time a client of ours discontinues service is due to budgetary cuts or when a project ends.

Technological Integration

We praise ourselves in providing transparent services so you can achieve your health, safety and security goals. As such, we have chosen Capterra's top rated & reviewed Security Services Management software. What makes this software standout is its customization abilities to meet each client's unique needs. Our software will provide you with all the raw real-time data to our guards' day-to-day activities. Our Client Portal will provide 24/7 access from anywhere in the world with a direct line of communication between yourself and us. We are here to form long-term partnership rather than become your “Security Vendor”.

Commitment to Guard Training

We have taken E-learning to a whole new level by partnering with TalentLMS. We developed our own security courses in-house to meet specific industry needs. We do not just give general training; we tailor them to meet our clients' specific needs; our guards receive industry specific certifications which are shared with our clients for transparency. It is important to note that E-learning is just a part of our training methodology, we also provide up to 200 hours of on-site training depending on the industry. Currently, healthcare security guards receive the most intensive training. If you are looking to hire a security services agency, we can guarantee our training methodology and intensity is unmatched in all of Ontario.

Security training isn't just "one and done" program that guards receive upon hiring; we offer many in-house specialized courses and training and often offer incentives for continues career development opportunities.



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