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Best Security Guard Services in Windsor

Security Guard Group is your trusted security provider in Windsor and a dependable ally in safeguarding your property. With a long history of delivering security solutions for both individuals and businesses, our technology-driven strategy guarantees top-notch Windsor security solutions at a reasonable price. Count on us to provide you with protection at all times.


With our vast industry expertise, local connections, and competencies at Security Guard Group, we furnish tailor-made security solutions that match your precise needs. Our dedication to unparalleled customer assistance underscores our commitment to your safety, convenience, and contentment. Let us be the source of your peace of mind.

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Our Services

Security Systems

Streamline your security infrastructure by seamlessly merging various physical devices onto a unified cloud-based platform. This comprehensive system spans a spectrum of services, including video surveillance, cloud-powered solutions, air quality monitoring, integrated visitor and mailroom management, as well as alarms. Its user-friendly interface guarantees all-encompassing protection on a larger scale.


Commercial Security

Security Guard Group offers a spectrum of uniformed security solutions catering to various industries. Whether safeguarding an industrial complex, healthcare facility, construction site, or hosting a special event, our approach involves a deep understanding of your security needs, ensuring optimal solutions.


Mobile Patrol & Alarm Response

Experience rapid responsiveness through our mobile patrol units. Whether on a scheduled route or responding to impromptu situations, we cover a range of scenarios, including fire scene security, vagrant deterrence, employee safety walks, and alarm response. We're equipped to handle custom requests, ensuring thorough attention to detail.


​​Residential Security

Enhance security in your residential condo or apartment community with our concierge-style Windsor security guard services. Our security guards undergo rigorous customer service training that goes above industry standards. This ensures residents' comfort and safety, reinforced by our in-house certification.


Security Consulting

Security Guard Group conducts comprehensive Security Audits and Assessments, delving into crucial aspects such as cyber security, vulnerabilities, and O.H.S.A. compliance. We provide a detailed report containing findings and recommendations, empowering you to make informed decisions.


​​Electronic Reports

Access real-time insights with our electronic reporting system, granting you immediate access to the top security guard services in Windsor. Our reports encompass findings, photos, GPS coordinates, guard check-ins, and response timelines. Through our user-friendly mobile app, clients can engage in round-the-clock guard monitoring, task insights, and shift evaluations.

Acquire Extensive Training from a Reputable Security Firm in Windsor

Are you looking to explore a potential career in the security industry? In addition to providing the best security services in Windsor, Security Guard Group is widely recognized for preparing security personnel for success through a wide range of security training.


Our training program is carefully crafted to equip aspiring guards with indispensable knowledge and skills. It covers essential subjects from enhancing interpersonal communication, and mastering physical security techniques, to comprehending legal regulations and ethical responsibilities.


Our security trainings include


First Aid Training

Obtain crucial life-saving abilities by enrolling in our standard or emergency first-aid courses, ensuring your preparedness. In collaboration with the Canadian Red Cross, we offer WSIB-approved certificates.


Ontario Basic Security Guard Training

Before acquiring an Ontario Security Guard license, a 40-hour course is required. Our Security Guard Training is intricately designed to furnish you with indispensable knowledge and skills, enabling you to excel in the Ministry exam and secure your security guard certification.


Use of Force Training

Our Use of Force Security Training program empowers law enforcement personnel with the expertise and proficiencies necessary for informed and effective responses in situations warranting the application of force.


Loss Prevention Investigator Training

Numerous loss prevention experts have harnessed the skills gained in this course to transition into law enforcement roles or attain positions in Corporate Security. You'll master the art of identifying and discreetly monitoring shoplifters, handling prevalent offences, substantiating incidents, executing lawful arrests, and crafting comprehensive incident reports for legal proceedings.


Through our comprehensive security guard training, you'll establish secure environments while embodying the highest standards of professionalism.


Seize the opportunity to receive education and career prospects from professional security guard services in Windsor. Prospective guards can conveniently enroll in our courses online by completing our user-friendly form.

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Why We Are the Most Reliable Security Company in Windsor

Extensive Experience, Unmatched Expertise 

With a collective experience of over 37 years, we have been at the forefront of delivering top-tier security guard services in the Greater Toronto Area. We thrive in the constantly changing security demands by providing dynamic solutions and embracing the most recent methods, techniques, and innovations.


Our security guards undergo rigorous training to consistently elevate their skills and remain up-to-date. Our extensive security approach guarantees comprehensive coverage and addresses potential vulnerabilities.


Exemplary Track Record 

Our licensed security guard services in Windsor are backed by glowing reviews and referrals, a testament to our unparalleled services. We've gained a good reputation among clients for providing outstanding services they can depend on. Rest assured, the same level of excellence stands ready to protect your people and assets.


Swift Response

Security concerns warrant quick and decisive action. We are available anytime, anywhere to respond to your issue. We are only a phone call away, whether you suspect a threat, are dealing with an emergency, or looking for information.


Personalized Approach 

We strike the perfect equilibrium — sufficiently large to satisfy your security needs while remaining small enough to preserve individual communication. Our low turnover ensures that every client receives high-calibre security solutions paired with exceptional, prompt, and efficient customer service.

Trustworthy Protection from a Security Company Near You

For excellent (yet affordable) security guard services in Windsor, Ontario, Security Guard Group is here at your service. To find out more about how we can assist, get in touch with us by email, quickly fill out our online form, or give us a call at (226) 946-2345.



Can I request security services for a specific event or occasion? 

Security Guard Group has a proven track record of providing reliable security services for various individuals and industries. Our team will design a security plan to match the specific requirements of your event or occasion.


What qualifications are necessary to work as a security guard?

To work as a security guard in Windsor, Ontario, you must complete an approved training program, pass a background investigation, and obtain a current security guard license from the Ministry of the Solicitor General.


What services do your security guards provide in Windsor, Ontario? 

As one of the trusted professional security companies in Windsor, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including but not limited to access control, patrolling, surveillance, incident response, emergency management, crowd control, and customer assistance.


Can your security guards handle emergency situations? 

Our security officers are trained to deal with various emergencies, including medical crises, fires, security breaches, and more. They have the tools necessary to act quickly and efficiently to protect you and your property.


How do I get a quote for security guard services? 

You can request a quote by emailing us, filling out our online form, or calling us at (226) 667-5048. We will assess your security needs and provide you with a quote based on the services required.

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