Security Guard Group offers discreet bodyguard and Close Protection Services across Ontario. Our clients' portfolios consist of corporate and private individuals. Our teams are hand picked individually and have vast experience in providing close protection and bodyguard services. Our close protection and bodyguard team leaders bring a wealth of experience from South Africa and the Canadian Military with an impeccable safety record. To choose the right close protection personnel is not an easy task. Therefore, our CPT are recertified by our organization annually to ensure all minimum standards are met. 

Close Protection Bodyguard security guard group london ontario


At Security Guard Group, our bodyguards and close protection personnel must meet four minimum requirements: (i) Be physically fit. (ii) Be mentally prepared with an exceptional ability to make decisions under pressure. (iii) Have technical knowledge in bug sweeps (counter surveillance). (iv) Exceptional driving skills. 

Our personnel are available 24/7/365(6). Contact us below and we will be happy to provide you with a quote after we learn more about your needs.