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At Security Guard Group we understand Construction sites contain many valuable machinery, materials and equipment imperative to the project's completion. Historical data show that on average $15 to $20 million stolen equipment is in Ontario alone and the average Construction company faces at least two thefts per year. 

Thieves and vandals are often opportunistic and since most of the work sites are in open areas or in remote locations, criminals consider these locations to be an easy target.  


Theft, vandalism, loitering, fire, flood, or personal injury incidents are just some of the risk factors your site faces on daily basis. Therefore, when it comes to construction security, we specifically train our guards to understand how constructions projects are run and what are the most common risk factors our clients face throughout their projects. As an add-on, our guards have also received COVID-19 screener training to try and mitigate some of the risk factors associated with the on-going pandemic and to facilitate faster access control to the site.

Security Guard Group is a regional security company that specializes in complete security solutions with an impeccable safety record. Contact us below for inquiries. 

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