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American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS International)

Security is truly one of the most crucial aspects of our life. Even if we are resting at home, we keep ourselves safe by locking our doors and using anti-theft devices. Not only that, but we make sure that our loved ones stay away from trouble as they are important to us as well.

While you must have installed proper security arrangements at home, it is crucial to ensure safety at your workplace as well. There is always a risk of break-ins. Additionally, not availing of security service for your company/business can result in theft of confidential data and property loss. You'd be glad to know that these days private residencies/organizations ensure the safety of their property & people by hiring security services for around the clock protection. Moreover, if that company's management are members of ASIS International, it is even better!

American Society for Industrial Security - ASIS International is a renowned organization that renders its services towards enhancing people's security. It has over 38000 security practitioners worldwide. In fact, it is also one of the most reputed organizations that provides training to aspiring security professionals or professionals looking forward to enhancing their skills. Part of our philosophy is to ensure our management team are up to date with the industry standards by actively participating with an industry recognized professional association such as ASIS International.

If you are looking forward to availing yourself of security services for your organization, it's time to stop here! As our management team are members of ASIS, we have been trained to keep our clients a priority and provide regular professional training to our members.

Here are a few reasons how being certified with the ASIS makes us the preferred choice of every client.

Going the extra mile

Procuring the services of a reputed security firm like Security Guard Group helps you add an extra pair of eyes to your home or workplace. Being associated with ASIS, we have been trained to go the extra mile and safeguard your loved ones. Sometimes we get so busy in the daily routines that some events happen that could easily be prevented. A security person will save you from such people by keeping an eye on people for suspicious activity.

Reduce your insurance premium

Obtaining a security professional's services from Security Guard Group is a one-time investment that will help you cut down on your insurance premium. Adding extra security to your house fends off loss or theft to your precious assets. Hence you end up saving a lot at the end of the month. Additionally, you can make your organization less prone to thefts.

Keep your business thriving with us

If your organization is at the risk of a break-in, employees may not feel safe while joining an organization. Such a situation may lead to an extreme loss to higher turnover that eventually translate to higher Human Resources spending.

Why fall into a trap in such a situation that can be easily prevented? Being a member of the ASIS, our security persons strive to keep our clients guarded. Talk to a professional from the SGG and prevent any future for yourself.

Market your business with Security Guard Group

Procuring security services can also add another feather to your hat as you can use it to market your brand.

You can persuade people to work with you as your company has 24x7 security or make your security personnel wear the official uniform to promote your brand.

Make your employees tech-smart

There are many devices and gadgets in the market to help you secure your life and property. Utilizing these gadgets in this technological era requires a lot of training and understanding. Being a member of ASIS, our security professionals are updated with the latest trends and provide your comprehensive safety training.

Ensure safety during unrest among employees

A simple protest can sometimes turn violent. It can lead to injury or even loss of life. Hence to impede such a situation from arising, one must hire the services of a security person.

In other cases, imagine that a violent mob is passing by your organization or home. In such a scenario, anything unfortunate may happen. Thus choosing a security guard from SGG will keep you safe during such critical times.

To sum up, we suggest you do not neglect your organization's security and fall prey to a crime. Stay vigilant and alert, and hire an extra pair of eyes for your business. We at the Security Guard Group keep our clients a priority and ensure that they stay guarded at all times. Our expert professionals who belong from diverse backgrounds are the best in the security services industry. Being a part of ASIS, we have been trained to provide world-class services in the industry.

Contact us today to discuss your security needs.


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