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Level Up Your Covid-19 Screening and Business Security

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

With the new lockdown rules to prevent Covid transmission, most of the businesses are opting to work from home. However, essential shops such as pharmacies, groceries, and other retail stores do not have a choice to operate from home. Moreover, there is a need to maintain social distancing with essential open stores while operating with fewer staff members. This puts the store at security risks in an active effort to prevent the virus from transmitting. Here are some steps to level up your Covid 19 screening and business security.

Everyone is susceptible to the virus; therefore, there is no such thing as too much caution. Keep reading to employees new screening methods if you are managing warehouses and essential industrial plants.

Prepare the screening area

You may set up a dedicated screening area with log sheets, tables, chairs, sanitizing supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Provide disposable masks, gloves, and caps to the employees before any interaction. Besides, use face shields for extra protection along with the masks.

Let the employees know they need to change their PPE frequently to prevent cross-contamination and maintain at least a six feet distance from everyone at work. Also, provide instructions for the disposal of these safety supplies to ensure safety.

Ask the necessary screening questions

Prepare a questionnaire to ask all the employees and third-party visitors. It may include questions about Covid-19 symptoms, interaction with an infected person, temperature fluctuations, and chills. Besides, loss of sense of smell and taste may indicate the initial symptoms of the infection.

If the answer to all the questions is no, proceed to know about their comorbidities and how susceptible they are to the virus. Remind them to use PPE and sanitizers and notify you immediately if they experience any symptoms such as shortness of breath, chills, cold, and tiredness. Maintain a log sheet with names and answers along with the temperature. If someone has recently recovered from the virus, ask them to provide a negative certificate and if they feel healthy to work.

Conduct a mandatory temperature check

Before taking anyone’s temperature, you may need to confirm with them in the form of verbal consent. You may not allow a third-party visitor if they refuse the mandatory questions and temperature checks. While conducting the temperature check, use a non-contact thermometer gun to minimize contact and keep a distance. See that the temperature is below 100.4°F (38°C) to allow entry.

You may provide wristbands to the employees who have successfully passed the security checks and are fit to work. In scenarios where the temperature is at or above 100.4°F, you may send the employee home and mark it on the log sheet. Also, suggest the individual seek medical advice, get tested, and self-isolate.

Actively Sanitize the screening site

All the surfaces and objects that come in contact with outsiders, visitors, and employees should be cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals. Moreover, sanitize the thermometer, log sheets, computers, and other electronic devices after each use. You may use a sanitizing wipe or spray to clean the equipment. All the single-use equipment should be safely discarded. After the screening is over, place all the materials used in the screening inside a clean bag to prevent cross-infection.

Ensure that the doorknobs, common rooms, and the cafeteria are sanitized at all times after each use. You may add sanitizing stations at several places to reduce the chances of infection. Enter the warehouse, grocery store, or pharmacy only after sanitizing your hands, electronic gadgets, and change into a fresh set of PPE.

Be alert at all times

You must be alert while conducting Covid-19 screenings and check all the employees with the same rules. It is advisable to avoid any overcrowding and conduct these checks at intervals with accuracy to all the symptoms and regulations. You may need to pay extra attention if you have multiple entrances and third-party visitors.

If you work at a pharmacy or a grocery store, it is necessary to be cautious while interacting with the visitors and deny entry if they are not wearing a mask. You may need to make the use of sanitizer mandatory to ensure the safety of everyone. To avoid overcrowding, assign a maximum number of visitors and do not exceed it at any cost.

Provide proper lighting

From the business security perspective, provide ample lighting at all areas to keep a check on everyone and discourage thefts and vandalism. Moreover, consider installing cameras to add security for employees and identify people in the worst-case scenarios. Make sure that all the indoor-outdoor areas are covered and there are no blind spots. This will prevent any forced entries and work as proof in emergencies.

Get Help from a Security Company

Now you know about the necessary steps to level up your Covid 19 screening and business security. You may have a dedicated team to ensure the screening and safety to keep your business safe from the virus and the seasonal thefts. Therefore, it is ideal to contact a professional who knows about all the protocols and will not miss a hint.

The professionally qualified team of Security Guard Group provides business security services at affordable prices along with Covid-19 screening. We are equipped and experienced in managing large crowds, camera surveillance, and staffing requirements. Moreover, we execute this with proper planning without restricting your work. Contact us for more information to protect your business.



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