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Tips For Planning Summer Events And Minimizing Security Risks

It is finally time to say goodbye to the winter season and welcome all the things summer has in store for you. Now this includes large-scale events, parties, and get-togethers. However, you might also be aware that such gatherings attract crimes as well. No matter if you are planning a corporate event or a personal gathering, you need to be extra cautious. When you are already aware of all the loopholes, it becomes easier to prevent almost any mishap.

Therefore, to ensure maximum security with minimal risks, we have come up with 7 wonderful tips. These will ensure that you plan your summer events efficiently and enjoy every second of it.

Take time to plan

Events should be planned very wisely. Ideally, you should not take less than 3-5 months. While it may look quite early, this timeframe will give you an insight into every minute details, and you will be able to make better decisions. Usually, events require a lot of detailing and designing, so dedicating a couple of months will be beneficial for smooth functioning!

Know your venue

Before jumping to the conclusion and booking a venue right away, it is important to look around and get familiar with it. You should be aware of all the entry and exit points so that you know how cautious you need to be at the time of the event. Additionally, make sure your team or other family members are also aware of these points. You can also ask for a floor plan and distribute it amongst all the people involved in planning the event.

Planning an outdoor event this summer? We suggest you place barricades and establish clear, concise boundaries. In addition to that, you can also opt for temporary fencing.

Crowd control

A large crowd is more vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, if you know that your event will be attended by a large number of people, it is important to stay vigilant. You need to plan out measures that will keep your staff, workers, and attendees safe.

To manage the crowd efficiently, ask the attendees to move away from the entries and exits and not block them. Additionally, ask your team members to assist them while registering so that there is less chaos. It will also prevent people from cutting each other off and maintain the decorum. The areas that are reserved for the VIPs should only be accessed by them. No other person should be allowed to wander off to these areas.

Communicate with your team

Your team constantly needs to stay in touch with you. For the same purpose, it is better to invest in walkie-talkies. In addition to that, if you have hired a professional company, make sure they always stay in the loop and take care of suspicious activities.

Comprehensive bag searches

One of the biggest reasons why events are vulnerable to crimes is because there are very few security arrangements. A couple of years back, a major incident came into the limelight when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb in Manchester Arena.

To avoid such a situation, a team should carry out bag searches. However, make sure that the whole process is quick and doesn’t hinder the working of the event. Apart from that, the people attending the event should avoid carrying heavy bags and help in running the event smoothly.

At the entrance, install metal detectors and take note of anything that looks susceptible.

Keep local authority in the loop

While planning an event may look like a cakewalk, there are plenty of things that need consideration. Therefore, it is advised to contact local authorities like the fire and police department right before you kick start the preparations. Make sure you have them informed about the schedule so that they are extra vigilant during that time.

Consider hiring a security company

To streamline the working of your event, we advise you to hire a security company. Our team will make sure to look over every detail and ensure to provide you with maximum protection. Our staff at the Security Guard Group is trained well in Event Security.

Additionally, the security guards will keep an eye on who is entering or leaving and monitor other safety concerns. Trust us, we have experience of over three decades and have developed our security courses to meet the needs of different industries. Contact us today!



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