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Unparalleled Security Guard Services in London


As one of the top security companies in London, Ontario, Security Guard Group is your trusted safeguarding partner. With a proven track record of providing security solutions for individuals and businesses alike, our technology-driven approach ensures top-tier services at a cost-effective rate, rivalling even larger companies. Count on us for 24-hour protection.


At Security Guard Group, we combine our extensive industry knowledge, community resources, and capabilities to provide security offerings customized to your specific requirements.


We're committed to providing exceptional client support and prioritizing your safety, ease, and satisfaction. Experience peace of mind with us by your side.

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Our Services

Security Systems

​We streamline your security infrastructure by combining different physical devices onto a cohesive cloud-based platform. This encompassing system spans video surveillance, cloud-driven solutions, air quality monitoring, integrated visitor and mailroom management, and alarms. Its user-friendly interface ensures comprehensive protection on a grander scale.

Commercial Security

Security Guard Group offers a range of uniformed security for different industries. Whether safeguarding an industrial complex, healthcare facility, construction site, or special occasion, we cater to your requirements. Our approach involves grasping your security demands to deliver optimal solutions

​​Mobile Patrol & Alarm Response

Experience rapid response through our mobile patrols. Scheduled or impromptu, we cover fire scene security, vagrant deterrence, employee safety walks, and alarm response. Custom requests are accommodated, ensuring thorough attention.

Residential Security

Elevate security in your residential condo or apartment community with our concierge-style London security guard services. Our security guards undergo extensive customer service training exceeding industry norms. This ensures residents' comfort and safety, backed by our in-house certification.

Security Consulting

Security Guard Group conducts comprehensive Security Audits and Assessments, evaluating aspects such as cyber security, vulnerabilities, and O.H.S.A. compliance. A detailed report of findings and recommendations is provided, guiding informed decisions.

​​Electronic Reports

We provide thorough electronic reporting after incidents, granting clients access to London security solutions in real-time. Our reports include findings, photos, GPS coordinates, guard check-ins, and response timelines. Through our mobile app, clients can perform real-time guard monitoring, task insight, and shift evaluation 24/7.


Receive Comprehensive Training from a Reliable Security Company in London 


Are you aspiring to join the ranks of security personnel or seeking job opportunities in the field? Offering the best security guard services in London, Security Guard Group can also skilfully prepare you through our diverse range of security training.


Our program is aimed at arming prospective guards with essential insights and proficiencies. Our course design covers everything from refining interpersonal communication, mastering physical security techniques, and grasping legal mandates and ethical obligations.

Our security trainings include:

First Aid Training

Acquire vital life-saving abilities through our standard or emergency first-aid courses to secure your spot. We provide WSIB-endorsed certificates in collaboration with the Canadian Red Cross.


Ontario Basic Security Guard Training

Before pursuing your Ontario Security Guard license, you must fulfil the 40-hour course prerequisite. Our Security Guard Training is meticulously designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to excel in the Ministry exam and obtain your security guard certification.


Loss Prevention Investigator Training

Several loss prevention professionals have leveraged the skills they acquired to transition into law enforcement roles or secure positions in Corporate Security. You'll master the art of identifying and surveilling shoplifters, handling prevalent offenses and substantiating their occurrence, conducting arrests procedural measures, and writing proper incident reports for legal proceedings.


Use of Force Training

We provide a Use of Force Security Training program to equip law enforcement personnel with the expertise and proficiencies essential for tactful and efficient responses in scenarios necessitating the use of force.


Through our security guard training, you'll be able to create safe environments while upholding the highest standards of professionalism.


Seize the chance to receive education and employment prospects from London's top security guard services. Aspiring guards can conveniently enroll in our courses online by completing our form.

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Why We Are the Most Trusted Security Provider in London

Experience, Expertise, Excellence 

We have over 37 years of combined experience providing professional security guard services in London. Despite the ever-evolving security landscape, Security Guard Group rises to the challenge, offering dynamic solutions and embracing the latest strategies, techniques, and advancements.

Our security guards undergo rigorous training to continuously enhance their skills and stay updated. Our comprehensive security approach ensures thorough coverage and addresses potential vulnerabilities.

Impeccable Track Record 

Our clients' words speak volumes. Our licensed security guard services in London boast several glowing reviews and referrals, a testament to our top-tier services. We have established a strong reputation among clients for providing first-rate services they can rely on. Rest assured, the same level of excellence awaits when safeguarding your people and property.


Security concerns demand swift action. With our 24/7 service, we are always prepared to respond to any situation, anywhere, anytime. Suspect a threat, facing an emergency, or seeking answers? Reach us in just one call.

Personal Touch 

Company size affects service quality. We strike the perfect balance — adequately sized to meet your security needs yet small enough to preserve personalized communication. Our low turnover ensures all clients receive high-level security solutions alongside exceptional, timely, and effective customer care.

Get Quality Protection From a Security Company Near You

Security Guard Group is your definitive partner for high-quality yet affordable security guard services in London, Ontario. Connect with us through email, conveniently fill out our online form, or call us at (226) 667-5048 to get started.



What are the qualifications required to become a security guard?

In order to work as a security guard in Ontario, you must first finish an approved training course, pass a background check, and receive a valid security guard license from the Ministry of the Solicitor General.


What services do security guards provide? 

Security guards in London, Ontario, offer a wide range of services, including patrolling properties, monitoring surveillance systems, controlling access points, responding to emergencies, and providing a visible deterrent against criminal activities.


What is the role of a security guard during an emergency or incident?

During an emergency, security guards play an important role by assessing the situation, offering rapid help, collaborating with law enforcement or emergency services, evacuating premises as needed, and assuring the protection of personnel and property.


Are security guard services customizable to specific industries or businesses? 

Yes, security guard services in London, Ontario, can be tailored to the unique needs of different industries and businesses. Whether it's retail, healthcare, construction, or residential complexes, security companies often offer specialized solutions and training to address specific challenges.


What advantages does hiring a licensed security guard service offer? 

Professional security companies in London bring expertise, training, and industry knowledge. They offer an experienced team well-versed in handling various security situations, upholding legal requirements, and staying updated with the latest security practices.

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