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Take Advantage of the Best Security Services in Toronto

Your security is our business. Organizations and individuals looking to hire one of the best professional security guard companies in Toronto can trust Security Guard Group

We are a certified security protection service provider offering a comprehensive list of security solutions, from personal to corporate, at a cost-effective rate. We are a technology-oriented company that uses the latest advancements in the industry to provide you with the highest quality services that rival even larger companies. 


We will protect you 24/7.

We offer

Security Systems

This includes, video security, cloud-based solutions, air quality monitoring, integrated visitor and mailroom management solutions, and alarms.

Commercial Security

Whether you need security at an industrial building, healthcare establishment, construction site, or special event, we are at your disposal.

Mobile Patrol & Alarm Response

Mobile patrols are designed for quick response times. We provide scheduled or unscheduled patrols, fire scene security, vagrant removal, and employee safety walks on top of our alarm response services. We also accommodate special requests.

Residential Security

Leverage our concierge-style security at your residential condo and apartment community. Our Toronto security guards receive comprehensive customer service training that exceeds industry standards, ensuring both the comfort and security of residents.

Security Consulting

Security Guard Group offers Security Audits and Assessments that evaluate factors including cyber security practices, security vulnerabilities, and O.H.S.A. compliance. This service comes with a detailed report of our findings and recommendations.

Electronic Reports

Clients have access to real-time reports 24/7. After an incident, clients receive an in-depth electronic report of findings, photographs, GPS coordinates, guard check-in times, and response completion times. Clients can use a mobile application to monitor our guards, know what they’re doing, and determine how the shift went.

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Get Rigorous Training From a Reliable Security Company in Toronto

Are you interested in becoming a security guard or looking for employment? As one of the leading Toronto security agencies, Security Guard Group will whip you into shape with our array of security training.


Our course is an in-depth process designed to equip potential guards with the necessary knowledge and skills, from interpersonal communication and physical security tactics to a working understanding of legal regulations and ethical responsibilities. 


Combining theoretical instruction and practical exercises, our programs give trainees the ability to perform crucial tasks like risk assessment, conflict resolution, emergency response, and surveillance techniques. Trainees will experience hands-on simulations and be exposed to real-world scenarios to foster effective decision-making under pressure. 


Security guard training gives candidates the ability to create secure environments while upholding the highest standards of professionalism. 


Get the opportunity to learn from and work for one of the best professional security companies in Toronto. Guard candidates can subscribe to the course directly online by filling in our form.

Why We Are Among the Best Security Agencies in Toronto

Choose us to reap the rewards of partnering with one of the top security companies Toronto has to offer:

Experience, Expertise, Excellence

A combined experience of over 37 years in the industry have earned us the reputation of being a trusted security provider in Toronto. The ever-changing landscape of security threats needs a dynamic solution to counter it. Security Guard Group has stepped up to the plate, evolving with the industry, adopting the latest and most effective strategies and techniques, and staying one step ahead. 


Our licensed security guards have undergone Toronto’s most rigorous training programs and are continuously enhancing their skills to keep up with any advancements. We bring a holistic approach to security, ensuring that every angle is covered and every potential vulnerability is addressed.

Impeccable Track Record

Don’t take our word for it; take our clients’! We have a whole slew of amazing reviews and word-of-mouth references from previous and repeat customers! We have built for ourselves a stellar reputation for offering top-notch services that clients can rely on.


You can trust us to offer you the same level of service when it comes to protecting your people and your property.


Security concerns are of the highest priority; timely action is critical. We address this the best way we know how — round-the-clock service by some of the top security guards in Toronto. We are ready to respond to any and all situations, no matter the place or time. Do you suspect a potential threat, have an emergency, or need a simple question answered? We are one call away. 

Personal Touch

The size of the company matters when it comes to service. We are large enough to fulfill your security needs but not large enough to be a detriment to communications and a more personal approach. Our low turnover rate allows us to offer companies in Toronto high-level security solutions complemented by exceptional, timely, and effective customer service.

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Reach out to One of the Best Security Companies Near You 

Security Guard Group is your go-to destination for the best (and equally affordable) security guard services Toronto has to offer. Email us, fill in our online form, or call us at (226) 667.5048.


How do I get a quote from security firms in Toronto?

To get a quote from Security Guard Group, fill in our form with the relevant information and as many details as possible. We will generate an estimate, supposing we have enough information. Otherwise, we will call or email and ask for more details.

What background checks do you do for your security guards?

Security guards must be licensed by the Ontario Government after completing the required training and passing the Ministry test. We also check their previous employment, criminal history, and credit status. 

What type of training do your security guards receive?

Our security guards undergo 160 hours of training, with healthcare training requiring the most hours. They receive virtual training, are tasked to shadow at a client site, and are put through advanced training, depending on the sector. 

Do your security guards keep daily reports?

Security Guard Group allows clients to monitor our personnel and receive electronic reports of shifts and incidents using an app.

Is your security company licensed?

Yes. We have the necessary license to serve Toronto and nearby areas.

Are you insured?

Security Guard Group personnel are licensed, fully bonded, and insured at two times the standard determined by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

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