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Security Guard Group offers Parking Management Services in London, Windsor, Chatham-Kent, Woodstock, KWC and Toronto. Our Parking Enforcement Personnel are trained specifically in Parking Enforcement Bylaws depending on the municipality they are required to work. This is an extensive in-house training that is provided to our employees at no additional cost to our clients. 
Security Guard Group also offers Parking Enforcement Services on private properties. All of our Parking Enforcement Officers are licensed under M.L.E.O. (Municipal Law Enforcement Officers) and are able to issue parking infractions. 

parking management and enforcement services conducted by security guard group

The Details...

Our parking management services are important to our clients as most of the generated revenue is redistributed in the enforcement and security program. Our Parking Enforcement Officers are able to issue infractions for: 

  • Parking without a valid permit

  • Parking in a fire route 

  • Parking in designated disabled spaced without a valid disabled parking permit

  • Parking in a non-designated area on private property

Security Guard Group is a regional security company that specializes in complete security solutions with an impeccable safety record. Contact us below for inquiries.

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