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Experience Next-Gen Security: Our One-Stop Solution

Security Cameras, Video Surveillance Systems, Alarms, CCTVs

We integrate all your physical security devices into one unified cloud-based platform.

With easy point-and-click functionality, it provides everything required for large-scale protection.

Setting a New Standard for Security Companies: The Ultimate One-Stop Security Solution

We're thrilled to unveil a ground-breaking development in the landscape of security companies. Security Guard Group is setting a new benchmark by introducing a unique, all-encompassing "one-stop-shop" experience for all your security requirementsOur innovative service harmoniously blends our top-tier security guard services with advanced "Verkada" system solutions. By integrating the vigilance of our highly trained security guards with state-of-the-art technology, we ensure that your security is always one step ahead. Dive into a seamless and efficient security solution designed to provide unmatched peace of mind.

Security Camera's


Video Security

Our video security solutions transform your security setup, replacing outdated hardware with intelligent, secure, and easy-to-manage technology. •Built-in storage: Store up to 365 days of standard quality footage directly on the camera. Eliminate the need for NVRs, DVRs, or servers. •Automatic updates: Remain proactive against evolving security risks and always have the newest features. Say goodbye to continuous maintenance. •Hassle-free installation: Experience a smooth setup journey as our skilled team takes care of it for you. We'll deliver a fully prepared system, ready for immediate use.


Access Control

Simplify your access control system. We provide easy-to-deploy, cloud-based solutions for every building, door and user.  Instant Insight: Integrating effortlessly with video security, teams can gain a live view of activities across all locations. Remote management: Manage doors, schedules, and settings securely from any device using our cloud-based access control. Limitless scale: Incorporate countless doors, credentials, and buildings into our unified management platform. Lockdown in one tap: Secure doors with a single touch. Our cloud-based lockdown lets administrators enhance safety with just one tap.

access control



Handle calls, authorize access, and secure entry points from any location with sharp video and clear audio, four dynamic receiver methods and intuitive command-based management tools. Users have the flexibility to answer calls on the go using the Verkada Pass mobile app, at their desk with the newly introduced desk station, right from a web browser via Verkada command, or via an existing phone number—be it mobile or landline.


Air Quality

Ensure safe environments and optimize building performance. We offer you peace of mind with our connected and comprehensive air-quality monitoring. Easy, integrated sensors: Set up swiftly in any indoor setting in just minutes. Live monitoring: View sensor data instantly and get real-time alerts when problems occur. Seamless integration: Connect with video security to gain insight into activities across all locations. We safeguard your surroundings from: •Elevated CO2 levels due to inadequate ventilation •Harmful mold resulting from excess humidity •Dust, allergens, harmful gases, chemicals and odors •Indoor vaping and smoking •Loud or dangerous noise levels.

indoor air quality monitor
Workplace visitor management and mailroom management solutions



Streamline facilities workflows and increase employee safety with our integrated visitor and mailroom management solutions. Oversee all entries into your building. Monitor both individuals and packages entering your premises using user-friendly software solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing physical security infrastructure.



Safeguard your people and assets round-the-clock with professionally monitored video, cloud-managed intrusion detection, and customizable wireless panic buttons. Expert Surveillance: Real-time agents who can identify, confirm, and act on threats for you. Breach Detection: Sensors, alarm systems, and keypads designed for enhanced building security. Deterrence: Drive away trespassers using talk-down speakers, alarms, and other measures. Panic buttons: Adaptable panic buttons that seamlessly connect with cameras.

alarms, home security systems
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