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Construction Site Security Services

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Construction sites are at a massive risk of thefts, vandalism, and property breaching as they are often located in isolated areas. Over the past few years, there have been instances of equipment and metal thefts such as copper, iron and equipment. Due to the lack of security at a construction site, the average financial damage is $15 to $20 million in Ontario alone. This may reach a higher number with the rise in the frequency of thefts.

In this scenario, it is ideal to hire a security company for protection and management. Our team at Security Guard Group understands how your construction equipment and materials are of immense value. Therefore, it is imperative to hire professional protection services until the project is complete.

Both residential and commercial properties require 24/7 protection management to ensure their construction material, tools, and equipment are safe. It is better to be vigilant and employ central security systems rather than suffering from such losses. Construction site security will serve as a money-saving move and run the work smoothly without any delays.

Why Hire a Security Company?

As you know, construction sites are a soft target for crimes, especially at nighttime. A security guard will understand all the safety protocols and vigilance required to safeguard various construction sites from any possible risk event. You may rely on us to ensure effective management to prevent thefts, vandalism, loitering, fire, flood, and accidental injury at the construction site.

Moreover, our team has years of experience and professional training to monitor various situations and take action. Our professional guards will secure entry points and patrol the premises at regular intervals. We will make sure the security system works 24/7 with technological tools as well as the workforce.

As you may know, recently many project managers have been opting to install temporary surveillance systems such as CCTV where the construction site is monitored remotely (sometimes overseas). When this trend was in its infancy, there weren't enough statistics and studies to prove its effectiveness. However, recently and especially during the pandemic lockdowns these systems have shown massive vulnerabilities. Examples of these vulnerabilities are the delayed camera feedback, delayed mobile patrol response, delayed emergency services response, and some criminals have gone as far as stealing the CCTV equipment itself. Although having CCTV system monitoring your construction site could deter some criminal activity, but overall it has shown very little effect in making difference in the criminals attitude as they know response times are usually 60-120 minutes.

Furthermore, it is often discussed, is construction security worth it? The quick and simple answer is YES! We've discussed this in another blog post which you can find HERE.

Benefits of Construction Security Services

If you are still not convinced to hire security guards for construction sites, consider them a fruitful investment. They will reduce the burden and cost that may arise from an unguarded site. Here are some ways your construction project will benefit from professional guards.

Prevent Costly Liabilities

Security guards will act as strong reinforcements in reducing the risk of costly liabilities. These may include illness, injuries, and accidents. A security officer will ensure reduction and prevention in such incidents that may cause liability to the owner. They will provide constant surveillance on the site and also offer some general safety measures in advance.

Prevent Vandalism and Thefts

Your construction site will have constant surveillance with cameras, live feed, guards, and access points. As you know, the construction site is mostly vulnerable at night time; therefore, security guards will ensure the area is monitored and protected at the wee hours. This will discourage thefts and vandalism on the site. As a result, you will not suffer from unnecessary financial losses.

Boost Project Morale

The construction workers will feel more encouraged to work in the presence of security guards. They will feel safer and will be more productive at work. With the constant patrolling, the workers will be more enthusiastic about working without any major interruptions.

Moreover, there will be a reduction in injuries, arguments, and other accidents at the site. The guards will monitor all the employees closely and keep them safe at a high-risk construction site.

Peace of Mind

As an owner, you will feel a certain peace of mind that your valuables are protected even after working hours. The experienced security guards will manage protection for expensive construction equipment, raw material, and other tools. You will no longer have to worry about any losses that may occur in repairing and replacing heavy machinery.

Divide Work and Responsibilities

Your construction team will work more efficiently with the division in responsibilities. The construction site security guards will help in team management, collaboration, and efficient working. Moreover, they will take care of the necessary protocols, rules, and regulations required on site.

They may help in inventory controls, scheduling deliveries, visitor access, and activity monitoring. This improvement in the working system will ensure your employees are making the best use of the time.

Reduce Occupational Hazards

Some construction sites are at a high risk of accidents and breaches. There is no way to eliminate all these threats; however, knowledgeable guards will aim at reducing these threats. They will keep your employees and property safe with proper guidelines, lighting, access controls, and alarm systems. Moreover, professionals have an eye for the slightest change in the surroundings, so they will be able to manage any discrepancies.

COVID-19 Protocols

Following necessary Covid-19 protocols at the site are extremely important in safeguarding all the workers and their families. Professional guards will help in the regulation of social distancing, personal protective equipment use, and screening all the employees and visitors. These safety measures will ensure your workers and site is free from spreading the disease. Therefore, the work will carry on without any hiccups.

Construction Site Security

Interested in learning more about our construction site security services? You can learn more or request a quote HERE.


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