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Our Security Services in Ontario

At Security Guard Group we know your choice of security services companies is limitless. We founded Security Guard Group because we spent the majority of our careers working for Ontario’s largest private security agencies and we knew we could it better. This high service standard has allowed us to spread like wildfire in a noticeably short time. We are Ontario’s fastest growing private security agency, and we offer a comprehensive list of security services to various industries across the Province.

What makes us different?

Since the beginning, we have provided exceptional levels of service that we would expect to receive from businesses we deal with. Although we are contractors, we do not see ourselves as contractors. Instead, we envision ourselves as partners of your organization by following our guiding principles to be people focused, use ethical practices, and prioritize safety for all. Additionally, we pride ourselves when it comes to the training we provide our security personnel. We combine on-site, in-class and online training prior to assigning any guards to you. Our training methodology is superior to the industry and we guarantee that we provide the most extensive training in the Private Security Industry. Some guards, depending on their assigned post, receive up to 200 training hours at no additional cost to the client.

We will take a look at the different types of security guard services we offer in Ontario.

Our Services in Ontario

We are proud to offer various security solutions to our clients. We have four divisions of security:

1- Industrial Security Services

a. Chemical Plants

b. Warehouses

c. Manufacturing

d. Construction

2- Loss Prevention Services

a. Retail Loss Prevention (Plainclothes Loss Prevention Investigators)

b. Retail Risk Assessments

c. Analytics

3- Healthcare Security

a. Hospitals

b. Long Term Homes

c. Group Homes

4- Cyber Security

a. Network Security

b. Application Security

c. Information Security

d. Operational Security

e. End user education

If you are looking for a security services company, Security Guard Group will be happy to discuss your needs. Contact us today for a free quote.



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