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While our competitors struggle to recognize the subtle differences between various industry requirements, Security Guard Group has managed to tailor our security services to industry specific services. Our technological integration with our security guard services has created a comprehensive security program that is low cost and effective. 

When a supply chain requires effective and reliable security services, choosing the right partner is critical to their operations. Our security services are proactive and streamline from multiple sources. This means we have the scalability, flexibility and innovation required to meet your exact needs.

Warehouse Security guard services across ontario conducted by security guard group


Security Guard Group's Customer Service Desk receives real time criminal activity information through multiple sources. Our inhouse application allows our personnel to pass criminal activity information to the CSD and we have an agreement in place with a third-party information sourcing agency that notifies us of real time criminal activity. Security Guard Group has additional local partners in the areas we service and streamlining this information allows our personnel on the front line to be proactive and prepared. 

Security Guard Group is a regional security company that specializes in complete security solutions with an impeccable safety record. Contact us below for inquiries.

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