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Five Risks Your Business May Face During Its Off-Hours

Your commercial building may require more security during nighttime than the usual working time. The unmonitored building may bring unwanted entities and risks that may pose bigger troubles at night.

If you do not have ample security measures in place, your business may face unnecessary losses. This may encourage crimes and damages to your property. Therefore, your commercial property needs security 24/7, even when no one is working.

You need to be aware of all the threats in order to take proper measures to minimize them. Read and learn about the five risks your business may face during its off-hours when you may not be present to check first hand.

Make Your Unoccupied Buildings Secure During Off-Hours

Your commercial space is more tempting to criminals and vandals when it is not occupied at off-hours. This is an easy time for them to sneak in without the fear of getting caught in the act. Moreover, an unoccupied building may bring nuisances such as loitering and vandalism. Apart from a spoilt mood, this is likely to cost you repairs and constant cleaning.

Monitoring the area and all perimeters may be one way to protect your building from such acts of crime. You may use technologically advanced gadgets, electronic locks, alarms, proper lighting, and live patrol systems at all the entry and exit points. These measures will secure your office in the wee hours of the night.

After-Hour Protection for your Employees

There may be times when people are over the usual working hours and putting in overtime after the shift ends. This is more likely to happen before the holidays or at the end of a particular work season. Some of your workers may require more time to prepare for big events and meetings at the office. Therefore, they should feel safe at any time they are in the building.

It is the company’s responsibility to assess and control risks for the workplace to be safe at all times so that the employees can work securely. You may add virtual walk features to the employees with live camera monitoring and check in on employees working late at the office. Moreover, adjust the security patrol hours as per the team’s schedule. Make sure all the employees use their IDs to clock in and clock out. This will filter any visitors with temporary IDs.

Disasters May Cause More Damage During Off Hours

Your business may be close for work; however, it may still be at the mercy of sudden disasters. Fires, pipe leakages, and earthquakes are the most damaging disasters that cause damage to electrical systems and equipment. These volatile situations can escalate quickly as no one will find out until it is too late.

The additional response time to such situations may add up more to the damages. There should be a sound alarm system and ample measures to monitor the place to prevent fire and flood damages. You may add cameras and alarms to notify you of such situations. Moreover, you may invest in regular patrols to detect such emergencies.

The trained professionals have an eye to figure out things such as broken pipes, fire hazards, and damages. They will inspect power cords, gas supply, and water supply to ensure everything is in the right place. In case of any damages, they will inform you to replace and repair.

In case your employees use space heaters, make sure there is an auto shut-off feature. Also, ensure there are ample fire extinguishers at all points and train your employees to use them. You may add portable fire extinguishers for emergencies. Moreover, have an evacuation plan for everyone in case some disaster strikes after hours with a fewer number of employees.

Preventable Damages to Look For

There may be so many instances of damages in your property and goods that may not be detected. These may not seem like a big deal in the beginning; however, they may have a snowball effect and turn into massive issues.

The unnoticeable damage that occurred at night may become something disastrous with the course of days. This may include damages to power wires and sockets or using one line for too many appliances. After work, this can turn into a disaster if not taken care of timely.

Third-Party Vendors May Not Coordinate Well

You may have some vendors such as supplies, cleaners, and other deliveries that come at unusual times. These may include early mornings, weekends and other work holidays. It is not ideal to leave your office space unmonitored when people are coming in and out of the building.

Therefore, it is necessary to have records of all the vendors and the timings they come to the premises. You may use cameras to make sure they close the door after each delivery and service. Moreover, add security checks to keep everything running smoothly.

Discuss proper measures to prevent negligence from your vendor’s end. In case of any issue, you may contact the security patrols to check and fix them as soon as possible.

Secure Your Commercial Building with Security Guard Group

Now you know about the significant risks your business may face during its off-hours. Therefore, it will be easier to assess the situation and add ample security measures accordingly. One of the excellent ways to increase your building’s security is to hire trained professionals. They will be equipped with tools and skills to patrol the area and protect your valuable property.

We have the right solution for you with our experienced team of professionals. Contact our team today to learn how Security Guard Group will enhance the security of your commercial space after work hours.

Our team is equipped to deal with different situations and keep your property safe at all times. Do not compromise on the security of your employees; choose our transparent services at reasonable prices.


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