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Tenant Security for Your Commercial Property

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Every property needs to be secure, whether it is commercial or residential. However, the threat to its security always looms around the corner. Therefore, it is always good to have plans or measures in place so that you can control any unfortunate event, including motor vehicle theft, vandalism, or even burglary. Moreover, if you are an owner of a commercial property, you already know that keeping it safe is essential for the utility of your property and the protection of your tenants or occupants.

Apart from this, being the owner of a commercial property, you may want to abode as many tenants as possible. Therefore, it is important to keep the property well-maintained and do everything that can be done to increase its value. Since the first impression is always the lasting impression, you may want to give your visitors an idea that the place they are entering is safe and secure. So, if you are wondering how you can increase the tenant security for your commercial property? We are here to help you!

Why is tenant security important?

Security is no doubt one of the biggest concerns for those who are renting a property. Additionally, it is equally important for the owner. Even though the tenants may take some precautions on their own, it is also the owner's responsibility to provide the best security measures. Moreover, if you invest in tenant security, it will enhance your relationship with them and keep them around for a longer time. Furthermore, it will also increase rent.

A well-secured building will also decrease the chance of vandalism. Aside from this, you will be able to protect your staff and creating a safe working environment.

How to provide tenant security?

When a tenant signs the lease contract, they have a lot of expectations from the landlord. Whether you have a warehouse or an industrial building, you need to follow the best ways to secure your commercial property, the tenants, and their valuables inside. There are many different ways to provide tenant security; a few of the crucial ways are listed below.

1. Install Security Cameras

You can install security cameras at your rental property to monitor your building for enhanced security. It is vital to locate the cameras in a place where you can get the maximum coverage of the building. These can be installed at the building entrance, in the back of the property, or in other common areas, like halls and stairways. Additionally, by placing the camera on the door, you can check the footage of who enters or exits the property. In this way, you can create a safe environment for your tenants.

2. Install Security Alarms

If your commercial property doesn't have a functioning security system, it will be at risk of break-ins and thefts. You can wire a security alarm system around your property which will help decrease the security risk.

There are several alarm systems available in the market. In fact, you can even install a fire alarm, burglar alarm, or an intruder alarm. These alarm systems can be controlled by your phone, and you will get notifications whenever there is a mishap.

3. Provide a Secure Access Control

To control unauthorized access to your commercial property, you can provide your tenant with secure access control. These systems ensure that only authorized employees get permission to enter the property. Additionally, with the help of secure access, you can also deny a certain visitors' entrance.

Access control includes ID badges, retinal scanners, and fingerprint scanners. You can choose it according to your budget and ensure the maximum protection of your tenants.

4. Implement Proper Lighting

Lighting systems play an integral role in the security of the tenants as well as the property. Besides, it is also the easiest method to control crime. Having a good lighting system in the property allows an incredible sight, and criminals never want to get noticed. In case your commercial property is equipped with inadequate lights, the chances for intruders breaking in increase. Therefore, you can implement adequate lighting systems by placing them around all the entrances and exits.

5. Hire Security Guards for Patrolling

One of the dependable ways to protect your property is by taking the help of trained security guards. If you have highly trained security guards patrolling throughout the day and night in your area, you can stop crimes promptly. Security guards are the ones who prevent criminal activity and offer dynamic responses to all situations. By noticing the security guards, criminal activities decrease, and your property's safety increases.

While investing in security guards and security system requires an initial investment, it later increases the lease value of your property. Well, completely worth the investment!

Secure Your Commercial Property with Security Guard Group

It is mandatory to look after the tenant's security and prevent the loss of valuable items inside your commercial property. Once you are all set to get started with the security assessment, select the best security company with great experience to keep your property safe.

Contact us today to learn how Security Guard Group helps enhance your commercial property's security in Ontario. We provide incredibly trained security guards who are well-versed with different situations. Moreover, we have some of the most significant memberships and certifications, including ASIS international, Retail Council of Canada, and ACMO. End your search here and reach out to us today to know what services we can offer you and for your property!



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