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Some Common Misconceptions About Hiring a Security Guard

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

In today's world, the media plays a very crucial role in influencing people's opinions. It definitely has an impact on the way we see the world. In fact, even security guards are portrayed differently in movies and television series. It usually seems that their job is either simple or really dangerous. But in reality, it is very different.

There are many misconceptions about security guards., while some people assume that any man can perform this duty by just wearing a uniform, others believe that security guards are lazy. No matter what you think, hiring a security guard for residential or commercial spaces is one of the best decisions you can ever make.

Since people avoid hiring them, we are here to bust some common misconceptions about security guards. Let's begin!

1. Security Guards are Expensive to Hire

Many people have set their mindset that hiring a security guard is an expensive affair. It is not always true! Well, it isn't only wealthy people who have the need to protect their valuables. In fact, small businesses can easily hire a security guard. This myth usually arises from the films that show prominent industrialists with two huge guys behind them.

Nowadays, several genuine security companies provide reliable security guards at an affordable price. Once you understand the benefits of hiring a security guard, you will not be able to resist hiring one for your space. Additionally, a security guard's cost is much lower than the loss caused by thefts or other damage. Therefore, investing money in your security is totally worth it!

2. They are Not Educated And Do Not Require Formal Training

Some people believe that security guard jobs are pretty straightforward, and they can hire anybody for this position. Additionally, they think that these people do not require formal training in it. But the reality is completely opposite of that. Private security guards have to undertake specific training and need a certificates and provincial licensing to work legally!

Their training involves different aspects and scenarios that allow them to handle certain situations. Apart from this, they have to pass the exam to achieve the certification. Also, they undergo a physical test, including a drug test. This training enables them to access high-tech security systems like alarms, screening devices, or access control gear.

3. Security Guards Should be Big and Muscular

While security guards should be physically fit, it doesn't mean that they need to flex their muscles. This misconception occurs from the movies as they mostly show the security guards with muscular bodies. Well, all that matters is their observational skills, communication skills, and the ability to remain focused.

While places like pubs and nightclubs are perfect for big and muscular guards, the scenario is different if we talk about the corporate sector. Such muscular-looking security guards will stand out from the crowd and distract the working ambience.

4. They are Lethargic

Many people believe that security guards are usually lethargic and sluggish. They don't do anything other than just sitting in a booth, read magazines and newspapers. Now, this misconception is entirely irrelevant as they are the ones who are in the first order of defence in case of a mishap.

Furthermore, guards have many tasks to perform in their shifts; they always need to be attentive and alert. If you hire security guards from a well-grounded company, you don't have to worry about their services. Genuine companies always offer high-quality security services and well-trained guards who are also watchful all the time to handle any serious situation.

5. There is Only a Single Type of Security Guard

Another misconception about security guards is that they only protect the premises they are hired for. However, there can be other services that they provide. It depends on the place where the security guard is working.

For instance, in hospitals, a security guard is adept at helping patients with several issues. Additionally, if we talk about hotels, they may help the customers with luggage and room numbers. Therefore, companies train their guards to provide different types of security.

The roles of a security guard are often misinterpreted due to these misconceptions. However, we hope that we have busted them successfully!

Now that you know the importance of a security guard, we suggest you make the best use of professional services! As one of the most genuine security companies, Security Guard Group provides you transparent services at reasonable prices. Moreover, we also allow you 24/7 access to the client portal from anywhere in the world. So, contact us to say hello to hassle-free services!

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