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Security Guard Group 101: SouthWestern Ontario Security Services

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

What Services Does Security Guard Group Provide?

Security Guard Group provides residential and commercial security services. Our commercial security services include construction, healthcare, retail, corporate, warehouse, event, logistics and supply chain, parking management, warehouse, and industrial plant security.

We also provide Mobile Patrol services. This includes property check-ins at random or scheduled intervals, locking and unlocking buildings, key management for emergency unlocks and providing spare keys to authorized personnel. Mobile Patrol also includes alarm response services to home or commercial properties. After our team responds to an alarm, clients receive a detailed electronic report of findings, GPS coordinates, and check-in/completion times.

Does Security Guard Group Meet Industry Standards?

The Provincial Government in Ontario heavily regulates the security industry, specifically, the Ministry of the Solicitor General. Security Guard Group operates within the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, Trespass to Property Act, and Criminal Code of Canada.

Security personnel adhere to a strict code of conduct that outlines appropriate uniforms, incident documentation, and more. Ministry inspectors and the police randomly and consistently inspect security personnel. If an organization violates Ministry standards, both the security guard and the company can lose licenses and face heavy fines.

How are Security Guards Trained? What Background and Abilities are Required?

Security personnel must be licensed Security Guards. This license is issued by the Ontario Government after an individual completes the required training, passes the Ministry test, passes a background check with no criminal history, and pays the necessary licensing fees.

In the area of training, our company differs from much of our competition. We invest heavily in the training of our personnel. They receive up to 160 hours of training; Healthcare requires the most training hours. Our training process includes online training, shadowing at a client site, and then pursuing the appropriate advanced online training, depending on the sector.

Preference is given to candidates seeking to build a career in private security or law enforcement. We also offer internal programs targeted to newcomers and veterans from the Canadian Armed Forces.

Is There an Increasing Demand for Residential Security?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in requests for Residential Security. This service focuses on removing unauthorized personnel and preventing theft or vandalism. Ontario is experiencing increased rates of substance abuse [source Public Health Ontario]. Addiction can drive property crime; as a result, there has also been an increase in vehicle and property break-ins.

Has Technology Changed the Security Industry?

Technology has impacted the security industry by providing a competitive edge. Advanced technology has decreased operating costs, improved communication abilities, and provided the opportunity to offer online training. The flexibility of this online training offers opportunities to individuals who may already face time management challenges, such as those in school or working elsewhere. Through advancing technology, we are also able to offer clients access to a 24/7 online portal with real-time information.

What Demand is There for Close Protection Services?

Security Guard Group also offers Close Protection (Bodyguard) services throughout Southwestern Ontario. Most requests originate from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for high-net-worth individuals or social media influencers. When providing this service, our Security Guards operate quietly in the background and only intervene when needed. Individuals in the area should not be able to tell that our Security Guards are there as security personnel.

Why Security Guard Group?

Security Guard Group is Accredited with the Better Business Bureau. With a management team with over 37 years of experience in the private security industry and highly trained Security Guards, we have the top client retention rate in the industry. Contact us today for more information.


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