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Tips to Improve Warehouse Security

Is your warehouse theft-proof, or do you spend your nights sleepless in fear of theft of your valuables?

You must consider some more safety additions to amplify your warehouse security. A reliable security system is essential to make your warehouse theft-proof, fire and disaster-resistant. Although deploying an effective security system can seem to be a challenging task.

Several companies struggle with a tight budget, and on top of it, they may suffer theft and property losses. Your warehouse is full of expensive goods that need 24X7 security to discourage vandalism and thefts. You may have to consider several factors such as vendors, risk categories, environmental threats, and data threats.

To cover all these categories, you may need a heavy-duty security system and follow some effective tips.

How Can You Increase Your Warehouse Security?

Lack of alarm systems, night vision cameras, and surveillance, in general, is the number one cause of thefts. A vandal or a thief feels more comfortable stealing from an abandoned entry point. Some of the time, in-house theft occurs, which is even harder to find out.

Furthermore, some seasons are more susceptible to active thefts, such as holiday seasons and summer vacation time. In that case, follow these tips from the professionals to keep your property safe. We have listed some of the effective tips to ensure your warehouse remains safe both from inside and outside threats.

How to Improve Warehouse Security?

Here are some tips that will help you create a checklist to improve warehouse security.

Conduct Background Checks for All Staff Members

Your warehouse needs to be safe from the people who come in every day. All staff members may not be reliable and pose a threat to the safety of other and warehouse goods. Therefore, it is essential to conduct thorough background checks.

This way, you will eliminate all the threats and those who have a criminal history. Besides, limit access to new employees around the warehouse. Keep the vital spaces open to authorized and trustable individuals.

Unique Staff Identification System

Your warehouse may have a lot of visitors and workers throughout the day. So, there must be a difference between the outsiders and the workers. The warehouse employees should have uniforms and badges for easy identifications. Apart from this, the visitors should have a visitor pass along with their information details.

Mirrors for Blind Spots

The reflective properties of mirrors make them a great simple solution for blind spots. You may use convex mirrors to monitor the areas out of view. Add these in different spots to discourage thefts and vandalism. A powerful combination of convex mirrors and cameras will make your warehouse theft-proof.

Secure Entry Points

Monitor the entry and exit points at all times. Make sure the exits, windows, and fire escapes are locked and secured when not in use. You may consider electronic lock systems or a keycard to access important areas. It will help you keep tabs on entries and exits of staff and visitors.

Also, make sure there are ample cameras in sensitive areas of the warehouse. The video recordings will be helpful in case of any threats and mishaps that may occur.

Have an emergency response plan in place

In case of emergencies, always be ready with a plan. This may include evacuation from emergency exits or blocking all the exits for security purposes. Keep a plan to account for all the employees and visitors for a safe lockout or tag-out.

Moreover, know the location of all the emergency equipment and fire extinguishers. Have a team to assess the threat, hazards, injuries, and other first-aid needs.

Professional Security Guards

Professional security guards are intuitive and trained for the job. Moreover, with innovative mobile patrol services, they will cover the indoors and outskirts of the warehouse area. Hiring professionals will keep your warehouse safe and guarded against all possible threats.

And you do not need to feel overwhelmed about going over the budget. We have an effective and affordable safety solution for you. To ensure your warehouse is theft-proof, contact one of the most reliable security companies in the country - the Security Guard Group.

Our professional team workers are highly trained and skilled to secure your warehouse with technologically advanced tools. Moreover, our team provides consultations to assess and map out potential threats. This will help in securing your valuables in a tailored manner. The senior management team of the security consultations is equipped to provide security for warehouses, logistics, and retail stores.

Wait no more to contact our management team and let the professionals handle the rest.



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