Security Guard Group’s management have 12+ years experience in contract loss prevention services. Our management team were previously employed by Ontario’s leading loss prevention provider. We have led many shrink control programs throughout our career.

Whether you are looking to control your internal or external shrink, or you are looking to conduct security risk assessment, you have come to the right place. Our services are effective, and our prices are extremely competitive.  


Our Loss Prevention Investigators will focus on eliminating your internal and external theft issues. They will be in plainclothes (undercover) on the sales floor disguised as customers. Loss Prevention Investigators will combat theft, fraud, vandalism & trespassing. We have established in-house training programs to assist them in developing their “sixth sense” when it comes to Alert Signals.

Security Guard Group is a regional security company that specializes in complete security solutions with an impeccable safety record. Contact us below for inquiries.