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Should You Invest in Industrial Security?

Industrial Plant Security Guard Services London and Windsor Ontario

There should be no doubt that these are difficult times for our colleagues in the Industrial Sector. The COVID-19 Pandemic has wreaked havoc on the safety and security of these plants. While the pandemic is beginning to wind down, the owners take on the new challenge of the rising supply chain issues and delivery costs.

Regardless of these challenges, the safety and security of everyone on these sites must be the number one concern. Whether you own an industrial plant, a factory or a warehouse, security personnel are essential to contribute to your operational success. Since the beginning of the pandemic, security professionals have become crucial to the workplace as performing safety checks has become part of their regular duties besides being an effective visual deterrent against the rising security threats.

We often notice that security is often overlooked by business owners for one reason or another. In a time of bold industrial crime and razor thin margins it has never been more important to invest in security services. At Security Guard Group, our security professionals are equipped with the latest technologies and training that is required to provide a safe and secure environment for a large-scale infrastructure and industrial plants.

Mobile Patrol Security Services

Large properties often have many access points and hidden corners that may leave the property vulnerable to security issues. This may be challenging as well for a static guard to cover the entire property throughout their shifts. Therefore, the best solution to such security challenges is implementing mobile patrol services as it is the most cost-effective solution with the ability to cover a large geographical area in a highly visible marked Security Vehicle. The patrols are often conducted randomly and can be customized to the client needs while incorporating alarm response to be part of the service we offer.

Front Desk Security

Concierge style security is not new to large industrial sites as the security professional is stationed at the main access point. Front desk security professionals are equally trained to provide proficient presence and a warm welcome all while monitoring CCTV and providing effective security.

Static Security Professionals

While it is hard to beat a tactical security professional in their uniform, the presence of one highlights the importance of security to the business owners all while deterring criminals. Just as any other service of ours, we personnel can be deployed for short term or long term projects as we understand businesses must remain dynamic and adaptable in nature.

Reach Out for Obligation Free Consultation

Thinking of giving us a shot? You can connect with us for an obligation free consultation. Our consultants are certified Physical Security Professionals (PSP) from ASIS International, and they will be happy to assist.



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